How to Dress Like a 30-Something Urban Librarian: TDF Costume Collection Edition

We’re a little stir crazy here. Though we’re happy to be safe and sound after Hurricane Sandy, we’re ready for NYC life to get back to normal. For us, normal is travelling to other boroughs for our jobs and getting to any part of the city whenever we want to. That’s not really an option right now. We’re just kinda stuck here in Queens. I’m so sick of my apartment I can’t even tell you.

When my future ex-husband Craig invited us to come poke around the TDF Costume Collection, I got super excited. Even if I didn’t have a major case of cabin fever, I’d want to go to TDF. That place is magic. I’ve been to their bag sale (40 bucks for whatever you can shove into a giant bag! I got an Oleg Cassini dress and lots of spikey-studdy denim vests) and have already fallen in love with this place. A trip to TDF is a perfect Halloween outing.

Me and Lucy just outside the collection. The bag and hat are not part of the costume collection. They are typical Ingrid-wear, because you need to bring it EVERY DAY.

Look, you can read all about what TDF Costume Collection does here. I just want to post pictures of shiny things.

Here’s our host with the most, Craig, looking as magnificent as usual:

What, this old thing?

I love him so much it hurts my soul.

After making Craig spin around like a disco ball for our merriment and amusement, we went off to explore the collection.

I like to call TDF the Costume Library. Just the labels and signage get me squee-ing and over-excited:

If I had time, I’d go through every single box.
Don’t pretend like I didn’t want to take off with all the Hairspray costumes.
19 year old Ingrid would have been all about whatever is in those boxes.

I did a lot of ooohing and ahhing at sequins and shoes and whatnots. My apologies to the staff of TDF, who constantly had to hear me cry: “OH MY G-D I LOVE THIS I NEED THIS! THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN!”

It was hard not to run off with these. I have a strict No Outfit Left Behind policy.
Take my money! These shoes could complete me.
I clearly need a pair of lace-up Victorian boots in my life.
I *think* these were maternity clothes, but I loved their colors and semi-psychedelic patterns.
This KILLED me. I love vintage petticoats and am lucky enough to own one. THIS WAS A WHOLE AISLE OF THEM.
Oh, hello. What’s your name?
This shot will hopefully give you an idea about how immense this place is.
On the set of Mannequin 3.

Then we just started trying stuff on and mugging for the camera.

This is my friend Jonathan. He looks really good in black feathers.
We found the Grease stuff! This rollers crown is from the Beauty School Drop Out Scene. No graduation day for Jonathan!
I have no idea what this hat is about. Kind of like an iridescent feathery pineapple.
Shhh! It’s a wig!

I think the sweetest thing we found was this bunny hat. Seriously. I think I could find a way to work this piece of wonder into my every day costume.

I think it instantly softens my look.
Oh hai!

Then we went off to stalk Edie Falco:

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

6 thoughts on “How to Dress Like a 30-Something Urban Librarian: TDF Costume Collection Edition

  1. As a costume designer who spends a lot of time at the Costume Collection I LOVE seeing it through the eyes of someone who is experiencing the CC for the first time – it is pretty magical… (and the fabulous yellow and maroon boots are “Shiz” boots from Wicked. I remember them well…)

  2. Shannon

    Ooooh, I can see you in that purplish coat with the fur….and I think the bunny hat looks like it is trying to eat your heads! lol!

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