Oh, hai. I’m Ingrid Abrams and I’m a Children’s Librarian working in Brooklyn, NY.

Me and the Biebs

I once had an “ALL LIBRARIES, ALL THE TIME” Tumblr, but it made me insane. It crashed and whined and called me inappropriate names and hogged the sheets on the bed. It was time to call it quits. I’m starting over here, not just talking about libraries this time, but fashion, living in NYC, and anything else that catches my fancy.

Vague enough for you?

The library world is too weird to be believed and, as a self-professed weirdo, I fit right in. I enjoy overly-glittery library displays, dressing like Liza Minnelli at the reference desk (read: lots of sequins), anything Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-related, my Toddler Time class (exhausting, but always worth it), and coming up with Arts and Crafts projects that won’t bore the kids OR me. Oh. And. I like to read. Lots. Preferably in the bathtub. Preferably comic books/graphic novels.

Dancing with the Stars Display

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Read-Alikes

Fairy Tales in YA Lit

With librarianship, and working with kids in general, sharing is caring. I love seeing what other bad-ass book jockeys are excited about because it gets me all revved up about my own work. In the age of budget woes and understaffing, it’s easy to feel down on the job. Well, buck up, little campers. My cure for the library blues is to step up my game and change up my routine. It gets my mind off the bad stuff and on to what’s important: Making the library a fun and welcoming place to be.

I also thought it was important to be yet another face of non-size 2 fashion here on the internets. My hair’s not always perfect. Sometimes my yicky double chin shows. I have a pretty apartment that you’ll see from time to time, but sometimes it’s a mess. Often the dishes aren’t done. WE HAVE COCKROACHES. But we have cats, so it all evens out.

Kissing Fake Dogs

Mistress of my Skee-Ball Domain

Please don’t keep your good ideas to yourself. I’d love for people to submit their rad craft, display, and program ideas. Have an amazing outfit that would make Liberace weep tears of joy into his piano keys? Send it my way. I’ll be posting mine for you to steal/tweak/mock/judge.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

About magpielibrarian

Youth Services Librarian, Mediocre Crafter, Urban Magpie, Glitter Addict, and Worshiper of Ridiculous Outfits, Emerging Leader 2012, Former Rainbow Book List Member, and GLBT RT Director-at-Large! This is what a librarian looks like, kids.

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