I Wish You Would Look at our Wishlist: Sandy Children’s Book Relief

Too many libraries in NYC have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Arverne was hit by more than 4 feet of water. You can still see the watermark on the lockers.
Peninsula was also hit by 4 feet of floodwater. It will require major reconstruction and replacement of its contents.
This is what Broad Channel looks like now.

This is what you can do to help: We have set up a wishlist on Powell’s. While you’re welcome to send us any children’s books from any source, we realize that a wishlist might make things easier on some people. Some of the books are as cheap as three bucks and change and you can absolutely choose any of the used books options on the site.

Children in Sandy-affected areas need books for many reasons, including: Some of the children are not able to return to school. While many have been reassigned to fully-functioning schools, actually being able to get out of their area and travel to their new schools is still very difficult. Reading will help them keep up their skills so that they don’t fall too far behind before they are able to attend school on a regular basis. Also, access to the internet and TV is scarce. Books may be their only form of entertainment for quite a while. In times of stress, seeking escape in the form of a good book is more important than ever. 

Please consider sending us a new or gently used book, either from our wishlist or a source of your own choosing. Books should be sent to:

Urban Librarians Unite
45-06 Queens Blvd
Suite 120
Sunnyside, NY 11104

You love libraries. You love kids. I know you want to help out and now is the time to do it.

I appreciate all the hard work people are doing. Thank you.

You can read more about the Sandy Children’s Book Relief here.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

This is the Seaside Branch which was hit with 2 feet of floodwater.

20 thoughts on “I Wish You Would Look at our Wishlist: Sandy Children’s Book Relief

  1. Amy

    My sister just shared this with me, and I just went on Powell’s and ordered 3 books to donate. Thanks. Just wanted to mention, however, that when it came to entering the shipping address, I had to put “URBAN LIBRARIES” down as the first name, and “UNITE” as the last name, and then put my own phone number in otherwise the automated checkout system would not accept my order.

    1. You’re awesome. We wanted to use something that was not Amazon (librarians are not crazy about Amazon for a variety of reasons) and I realize that Powell’s is not as pretty/clean as Amazon’s wishlist. But your donation is much appreciated. Really and truly. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Urban Librarians Unite for organizing this great campaign! I am the Children’s Librarian at Peninsula and appreciate the effort by all involved to rebuild Rockaway one book at a time! Thanks again, Nancy

      1. It took 8 years to build my collection and just a few hours to completely weed it. I look at the pictures and still can’t believe it’s gone. I miss the children, the books, the building, but I know Peninsula will be better than ever in time. I’ll keep in touch. Thanks for the hugs.

      2. There has to be a term used to describe the mourning of a lost library. Please consider writing about this (blog post/letter to the editor), if you haven’t already. I wish I could make all the crap go away for you.

  3. LK

    I actually found this through someone who requested a book from me on paperbackswap.com. That might be another good place for you to have an account. I believe they have donation accounts on the website for many libraries. I’ll be sending you bundles of books. I no longer live in Queens but it will always have a special place in my heart.

  4. LK

    Also do you only want books on the wish list or are all children’s books or YA novels ok? I have a few YA novels not on your list I could send.

  5. I just kicked this around the twitters and sent in my order. I second the paperbackswap recommendation. You could even talk to the people who run the place and ask people to donate credits for you to have people send you gently used children’s books.

  6. Carolyn Reuter

    I have some books that my 3rd grade religion class collected. I would like to get them to you ASAP but I need to know when I can drop them off and exactly how I can get to you. Please let me know!

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