How to Dress Like a 30-Something Urban Librarian: A Long Overdue Outfit of the Day Post

How do these fashion bloggers do it? I can’t very well take outfit pictures during my work day. I may look the most put together in the morning, but I’m too tired and cranky and in a rush to snap a picture. By the end of the day, I have time, but I admittedly look pretty busted after 8 hours of work. Hot mess minus the hot.

I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger, but I do love clothes and putting an outfit together. Once in a while, I have my sh*t together enough to bug Tim into taking a picture.

Here, I’m trying to serve you size 10 realness. REALNESS.

This is my incognito movie star look.

The coat and the bag are from my favorite, FAVORITE vintage store, Leenie’s Vintage Emporium.

I’m one of those handsome boy modeling school graduates.
Why so serious?

The top was thrifted from either the Salvation Army or Goodwill. I think it’s maybe Old Navy in Origin. The amazing belt, here to remind you that I have a waist, was thrifted from The Thing (I adore the Thing. I got the belt, a dress and a book all for 10 bucks!).

The skirt is one of my constant closet go-tos. It’s from Roobys. I love her. I just got 2 more skirts from her (one has Frida Kahlos all over it, the other is covered in tarot cards), because they are the best. The fit and style is perfect.

Look! I’m almost smiling in this one. Yay me.

What are your favorite fashion blogs? I’m currently obsessing over Self Constructed Freak, but you all know that Marie over at Agent Lover is my fashion/pop culture boo for life.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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