This entire idea is the brainchild of one of my 3,000 supervisors, Catherine. I am but her humble glitter jockey (here to happily execute her display plans by cutting out pictures of Melvil Dewey and covering them in sparkles), but I thought I’d share this brilliance. This display has everything: hot dead guys, glitter bowties, and seizure-inducing flashing lights.

Behold! Melvil Dewey's Dewey Decimal Number of the Day!
Behold! Melvil Dewey’s Dewey Decimal Number of the Day!
Dewey! Dewey! Let me be! Keep that Decimal System far from me.
Dewey! Dewey! Let me be! Keep that Decimal System far from me.

Here’s the big idea: At the reference desk, we have a big display with Melvil Dewey announcing his Dewey Decimal Number of the Day. He tells you the number as well as the subject:


Then you bop on over to non-fiction to see if you can find a tinier Dewey hiding in the stacks:

If you're lucky, he'll be wearing a little disguise.
If you’re lucky, he’ll be wearing a little disguise.

Then you can take out some books on today’s subject or just pat yourself on the back for a job well done. “What do the kids win if they find Dewey?” you might ask. THEY WIN THE SATISFACTION OF LEARNING ABOUT THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM, THAT’S WHAT.

Click here to see it twinkle.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

14 thoughts on “Oh Dewey! YOU’RE SO DREAMY!

  1. Shannon

    That is a really neat way to get kids into the non-fiction! We just switched over to BISAC, so I am not sure if it would be quite as cool. I love the use of glitter…no bowtie is so great that it can’t be made better with glitter.

      1. Shannon

        You are NOT a dummy! I won’t stand for such nonsense! 😉 BISAC is just putting them in order according to subject without the numbers. ie. animals, mammals, raccoons, author instead of ##s. I totally love it.

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  5. Jen

    I love this! I am An elementary School Librarian (Sorry no MLS, Education BS and much Library experience). I hope to implement this next year, to make Dewey as relevant as their little minds can handle. And the Glitter. I love Glitter Dewey too!

  6. So – In BISAC, alpacas and vicunas would be on opposite ends of the animal shelf, instead of right next to each other, as related species in the same countries? Usually in the same book…
    I think I’ll stay with Dewey.
    Also, will use the Number of the Day (Week?) idea. This is terrific!

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