Another Trip to Leenie’s Vintage Emporium

I always feel better after a trip to Leenie’s

Leenie's Vintage Emporium
What I love about this place is that the patches and the sweater clips came with their original packaging. I adore this detachable collar. I’ve been wearing it almost every day.
Sequin-covered buttons strung together with faux-pearls. It makes me feel like such a fancy lady! It serves absolute librarian realness.

I have been coveting a detachable collar and sweater-clips for a while. I got a detachable collar from Romwe (a store hyped up by a bajillion fashion blogs) and it was such disposable crap. Total sweatshop produced nonsense as far as I could tell: poor construction and cheap fabric. My Leenie’s collar is so much better. Amazing quality and just a smarter overall purchase. Don’t believe the Romwe hype. Buy vintage and handmade whenever possible, OK?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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