News No one Can Use: My New Year’s Resolutions

Prelude to a Hangover
Prelude to a Hangover

I was not a fan of this year. Sure, I got transferred to a super cool new library complete with super rad coworkers AND I got to go to my first ALA Annual as an Emerging Leader. I mean, all that was amazing. But this has been a rough year for NY-ers (just in general) and my family had its fair share of sadness this year. There’s been a lot of unpleasantness. I’m ready to sweep this dumb year away and start fresh.

Yo, it’ll be SUPER DEPRESSING if I come back to this post at the end of 2013 and find that I’ve done none of these things. But this is what I want to accomplish this year:

♥ Read lots of comics and zines.

♥ Read one new (to me) picture book every day. Jesus, they’re not that long. I can spare some time for 24-36 pages.

♥ Craft and DIY tons of stuff. Actually finish projects that I start.

♥ Think outside the box regarding library programming. I get too caught up in regular programs like Teen and Toddler Time. I’m going to bore myself to death.

♥ Bust out at least 3 2 blog posts a week.

♥ Cook more. I don’t care what.

♥ Learn to play something (other than Frère Jacques) on the new ukelele that Tim got me. My ultimate goal is to play Queen of the Savages by The Magnetic Fields. Yeah, I know. I’m twee as fuck. There’s no escaping this.

No one appreciates my air ukelele
No one appreciates my air ukelele

♥ Learn to sew something. Anything. I don’t care. I was given a sewing machine when I graduated from library school (a thousand years ago!) and haven’t bothered to do anything with it because I’m really freaking scared.

♥ Somehow keep this apartment organized. I say this every year. Hey, bloggers with perfect apartments that have everything in its proper place: What’s the deal? Do you have jobs? Don’t you drop dead on your beds when you get home from work? When do you clean? I don’t understand.

♥ Detox from Facebook. I’ve already started this. I had Tim change the password. Facebook makes me dislike people that I actually like in real life. Uncool. I check it all damn day long, and for what? I don’t care what you had for lunch. Twitter makes me less stabby.

Alright, so. Right. I can do this stuff, can’t I? What are your resolutions?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

4 thoughts on “News No one Can Use: My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I’m trying to detox from Facebook too. It just raises my blood pressure from stupidity.

    You have awesome goals! I hope to learn to cook healthier things and stay away from baking (my natural inclination which I then eat). And I want to find an organization to volunteer for.

    1. Facebook makes me think I hate everyone, which is a nasty way to be. I think it also distorts my view of pretty much everything.
      I put in an application for the Ali Forney Center this year (it’s about a year wait for a volunteer space to be open), so I’m crossing my fingers. Where are you thinking of volunteering?

  2. These are fantastic resolutions! I am also hoping to finish any and all crafty endeavors I start, and to learn how to use my sewing machine and actually use it. Mine has been sitting in my closet for over 3 years (the shame!) and I think it’s finally time 🙂

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