Live Tweeting Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #5: Because it’s all you have to live for

Baby-sitters Club Super Special #5 California Girls

My past foray into live tweeting a Baby-Sitters Club book was somewhat popular with at least five people! OK, I’m lying. But at least three people liked it. And even if they are just pretending to enjoy this, I don’t care. I am all about BSC and will continue to be all about it until I decide I’m all about something else. I am reading them in no particular order (other than how soon they arrive from various used books sellers).

Right now I’ve got Super Special #5: California Girls. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that Super Specials are the jam. You get diary-like entries from all the girls and the narration keeps changing (in the regular books, the narration is exclusively done by one girl). There’s usually a super exciting destination, too. In this case, it’s California which is new and exotic to everyone except Dawn. Sorry Dawn! Maybe next Super Special.

First up, let’s talk about this cover:


We hate you Stacey. How do you look like a grown up at 13 when I still look like a toddler at 34? What are you laughing at? Wipe that smirk off your face. Also, you have a perm at this point. Why is your hair not permy? This shit drives me bananas.

Mary Anne? The caftan makes you look loco crazy. Even Mallory, who has some sort of ginger-kid albino hybrid situation going on, can handle a little sunshine. Also, pigtails? PIGTAILS. I cannot believe Logan puts up with this malarky. Are you with Logan at this point? I’m all confused. Anyway, whatever you’re doing, cut it out. I still don’t really like you.

Dawn, in her nautical bumblebee swimsuit, and Kristy are playing fake volleyball 3 feet away from each other, so that’s cool or whatever I guess.

Jesse is doing a kind of lean away from the fake-o volleyball game charade blondey and bossy are putting on. She’s also refusing to make eye contact with the freak show they call Mary Ann, so all in all, good job. But you’re kind of half spooning with Mallory. Never touch Mallory. That’s the first rule of Baby-sitters Club.

Mallory. GIRL. When did you get so impossibly leggy? When the hell did this happen? Also, your hair looks good. Whatever the salt water is doing, keep it up. I only compliment you begrudgingly, so don’t get too excited.

Finally, Claudia is rocking the side ponytail like you only wish you could. You’re perfect. Don’t ever change. I hope Stacey knows that you’re way better than she is.

For more of this clearly unnecessary banter, you can bop on over to Twitter where I’ll be live tweeting this literary majesty under the hashtag #BSCSS5 (Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #5).

If you want to unload your copies of BSC onto a desperate librarian, hit a girl up on the contacts page.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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