There’s Still Time to Steal My Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

This is the playlist that I used at my Anti-Valentine’s Day partyI had some help from the ALA Think Tank peeps (thank you all!).

So, yeah, this is Brooklyn. You might imagine that the R+B-ish and danceable songs did a lot better than the rock-y songs. I’m going to include the rock-y songs in case that fits the preference of your teens and, at the very list, maybe just seeing some of these song titles will give you some ideas about what you’d like to include on your list. I burned a CD of these songs, but you could just as easily make a Spotify list or hook your i-Pod up to some speakers (I’m too scared that my stuff will get stolen or the Wi-Fi will fart out).

Just a heads up, some of these songs have curses in them. If this is a problem at your teen parties, give the songs a good listen before you include them in your playlist, OK girl?

Here it is:

rude conversation hearts

You have no choice. You have to include this. This is not an option. It’s a good song to put first while you’re waiting for people to show up. Bonus points if you can use the Adam Sandler version instead:

sad emoticon

This song is AWFUL. It’s so bad. But it’s dance-y and mockable:

consumerist crap

Another non-negotiable. Yes, they know this song. They’ve been to enough weddings/proms/sweet 16s:

i hate you

Some kid said to me, “Tina Turner? REALLY?” So I threw him off a cliff:


Congrats! You probably have actual teens at your party right now. Play this song, watch everyone dance, and sit down and relax knowing that you didn’t throw a party that no one came to:

can I get an Amen up in here?



My teens know who Left Eye is. Do yours? #librariansareeducators

heart smash

This song is STILL GOOD. So is the video. Ugh. I love this so much. The people need to know:

dead baby

The full Fuck You version or nothing. “Forget you” is just some sad, sad stuff. Plus, you know the teens are going to drop the F-bomb with or without you.

sad emos

This was my JAM in college. It really spoke to my bitter, bitter soul. Warning: Cursing. Like a lot.

who indeed?

“I’m gettin tired of your shit. You don’t never buy me nothin.” Slow jam time.

other things

I unabashedly love this song, even if it’s a bit Hot Topic. This song includes the word “motherfucker.”



feb 15

I always imagine this to be a Batman/Catwoman love song:

Finally, my favorite song, which I didn’t play at the party because I thought it was WAY too cursey. But I love it. I’m a white girl. I love Kreayshawn.

I hope this playlist gives you some ideas. You should also consider You Oughta Know, I Hate Myself for Loving Youand One More Minute

Also, today marks my last day as your Librarian Wardrobe Valentine Crush. I promise to hate and talk smack about this year’s selection.

~Anti-Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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