ULU Gets Good Press, I Get Called a Hipster, Get Told to go Back to Ohio

LOOK! Urban Librarians Unite got some really good press on Gothamist this morning! Yes, ULU is rolling out the Volunteer Library Brigade and it’s going to be all sorts of rad. What is the Volunteer Library Brigade? Thanks for asking!

 These small teams will set up tiny mobile library carts in public spaces around the city and to do on site-volunteer library work as needed for the citizens of New York City. They will look stuff up, hand out books, run storytimes for kids, offer directions, advocate for libraries, and more. The carts, will stocked with reference books, maps, giveaways, WiFi, and free eBook downloads.

You *TOTALLY* want to be a part of this. You don’t even need to be a librarian! You just need to want to help. That’s all:

If you have ever wondered about working in a library, wondered what it would be like to lead a storytime for kids, or just enjoy helping people … even if it’s just finding the right answer to a question, then the Volunteer Library Brigade is for you.

Awesome, right? And awesome that Gothamist would cover our cause.

And then, like a total idiot who has been sick for five days and doesn’t know any better, I read the comments.

Don’t ever read the comments. 

Gothamist included this picture of me in my best normal person drag (my hair isn’t even pink!):


Said the commenters:

From the wardrobe, I am guessing this is the latest hipster cause.



Am I guessing right that this has nothing whatsoever to do with some kind of new outreach by the New York Public Libraries and instead is just some chicks with “librarian” glasses and ironic dresses doing this?

Look, kids, it’s a cool idea in the abstract, and your hearts are in the right place but seriously, go back to Ohio.

So that’s cool.

So, if you wanna hang out with a bunch of hipster chick librarians in fake glasses and ironic dresses and catch a ride with me back to Ohio, do some rad street librarianship and hang with real live NYC librarians, you should sign up for the Volunteer Library Brigade.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

13 thoughts on “ULU Gets Good Press, I Get Called a Hipster, Get Told to go Back to Ohio

    1. Sarah S.

      As another Ohio-born, glasses-wearing, vegetarian dork librarian, I am offended!!! We are more than cornfields and Walmart!

  1. I would love, love, love some of the specs on those carts 😉 We have an area that we serve that is tough to bring in b/c the roads are a bit weird, so they go to the understaffed library that is closer to them and I would love to be able to set up a station at events. Ironically, it’s an area less than 10 minutes (by car), and where I actually live!

  2. Carol Saulsbury

    I wish I lived in NY so I could sign up. Don’t worry about the comment slams; for these poor people, living in their judgmental, limited heads is its own punishment.

  3. You shouldn’t be upset. I know for a fact you’re not that hip. 😉 I love your “regular” person drag. Imagine if Edwin was standing there. They’d call him a hipster. If our occupation is so hip, why are so poor? 😦

  4. Heck, even if it were a bunch of Ohioans in awesome glasses/outfits taking NYC by storm with a bunch of mobile library carts, I fail to see how that would be a bad thing. I hope the project is a huge success!

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