Is This Progress? I Hope This is Progress. Let’s Call it Progress.

Michael Rosenblum’s article “What’s a Library?” received quite a response from librarians and library supporters. I and others blogged rebuttals and Mr. Rosenblum received a mess of angry tweets from the army that is Twitter librarians. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the kind of dialogue it inspired. It wasn’t always pretty, but I think it’s important for library advocates to know what we’re up against. Best of all, this whole fiasco compelled Natalie Binder and I to start a very promising new project called Libraries Changed My Life (seriously, check it out. It makes you feel good about the universe).

Oddly enough, though my initial reaction to Mr. Rosenblum’s article was hostile and negative, I’m feeling pretty good about the whole to-do now. I checked in with Mr. Rosenblum to see how he was feeling:

I’m going to go ahead an let myself feel good about this. I think we all learned a little something, and that’s what I’m choosing to take away from the “What’s a Library” debacle of 2013.

Keep fighting for libraries. Let yourself be heard.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

3 thoughts on “Is This Progress? I Hope This is Progress. Let’s Call it Progress.

  1. I think it’s terrific and I’m so happy that it inspired Libraries Changed My Life. I really appreciate Mr. Rosenblum’s open mind and the polite interactions he’s had with many librarians (including me). Another adventure in library advocacy. Thanks Ingrid! It’s been a pleasure working with you on this project.

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