Big Things Happening Over at Libraries Changed My Life

Sorry for the radio silence, everyone. I, along with Miss Natalie, have been plugging away at Libraries Changed My Life, trying to make sure to keep it stocked with lots of great stories. I’m very excited to say that, in the past two days, we’ve had two TREMENDOUSLY wonderful submissions (I mean, I love all the submissions, but I can love some a little extra, can’t I?).

Is it too fangirly gushy to say that Marilyn Johnson and Tim Federle are two of my heroes? Well, crap, I don’t care if it is. Marilyn Johnson is library’s super-advocate and author of This Book is Overdue. Tim Federle, bless him, created one of my favorite middle grade characters, Nate from Better Nate than Ever (which I go on and on about here). The fact that these two darlings took time out of their busy schedules to help our little library grassroots advocacy project warms my dumb little heart.

Click here for Marilyn’s post, where she says: “This is the retreat I can’t build myself. This is the shared space where chaos and the howling world are kept at bay, where I write.”

Click here for Tim’s post, where he says: “The library is what I needed it to be, and it changes and moves with me, and I hope I never let it down.”

Both submissions give me chills. I’m delighted that libraries are so important to two people who I think are so wonderful.

Until next time (when I write a real blog post), you should follow Libraries Changed My Life on Tumblr, like us on Facebook, and maybe send us some mail (we’d really love to receive a hand-written submission or maybe even a picture or photo. It would make our day!).

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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