So far, I’ve seen several Summer Reading Lists with questionable book choices, sent home a couple of Dear Teacher letters (notes that say, “Dear Teacher, no one owns this book or has ever owned this book ever so please pick another book or your student is going to have a nervy break d.”), but things haven’t gotten so bad yet. I’m not yet feeling the Summer Reading burn-out burn, but I brace myself every day. Who knows what day I’ll show up to find bare book shelves and stressed out children, parents, and librarians? It’s coming. There’s no stopping it.

Hopefully, though, this summer won’t be as bad as one of Monica’s, who shared this totally icky summer reading horror story with me.

Get ready, because it’s time for:

This GIF can see into your soul. It knows your secrets.
This GIF can see into your soul. It knows your secrets.

☢  My horror story was only partially horrible to me, but pretty darn gruesome in general.  Last summer, I had the head of a local Ghost Hunter group signed up to speak to my teens.  Their website lists being safe and getting permission as the two biggies for ghost hunting, she’s spoken to all kinds of different groups, she has really cool spooky stories–what’s not to like?  So about 10 minutes before the program’s going to start, the room starts filling up and–no presenter.  A few minutes before she’s due to arrive, I try calling the number I have, but no answer.  I get over 40 attendees to a no show.  Awesome.  So, I share some personal ghost stories and ask everyone for any of their own.  After about 40 minutes, it’s definitely no show, and I tell them to check back for anymore information/rescheduling.  I call the presenter once or twice more. Finally, just before I’m about to leave about 3 hours later, I get a call.  What happened?

Turns out, she works at a police station and a few hours before she was supposed to be here, a call went out from her brother’s farm.   She hurries out to find out what’s happening and it turns out that while trying to get a horse into a trailer, her sister-in-law had her finger yanked off.  I won’t get into details because EW, but they had to search for the finger (with wedding ring), get it to the hospital, and somehow she managed to forget everything else because SHE HAD TO FIND HER SISTER-IN-LAW’S FINGER. She ended up rescheduling and most of the previous attendees returned and loved her stories.  I, however, can’t think about any of it without cringing.

So, yeah. Just remember, whatever happens to you this summer, at least you aren’t on a farm rooting around for your sister-in-law’s severed finger.

Feel better?

Hit me up with your Summer Reading nightmare story. I’m ready.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

4 thoughts on “Summer Reading Horror Stories: SHE HAD TO FIND HER SISTER-IN-LAW’S FINGER

  1. Monica

    I couldn’t even bring myself to re-read the story, I start rubbing my fingers in horror whenever I think about it!

    You’re welcome!

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