Like My Facebook Page and Help Salvage My Withering Self-Esteem

I was debating starting a Facebook page for The Magpie Librarian. I already keep up a blog, a Twitter and two somewhat unrelated Tumblrs, which already feel like plenty of work. You start to wonder how many things you need to be dedicated to. Do I need a Pinterest account, too? Instagram? Polyvore? Homing pigeons? Where does it end?

Facebook seemed like an easy way to get my blog to a new audience. I’ll let you know how successful I think it is in a couple if months.

In the meantime, like my Facebook page? You can see the handy dandy click-able button on the left-hand side of this page.

Bloggers, do you have a Facebook page just for your blog? How do you make sure you get your blog posts out to your readers?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “Like My Facebook Page and Help Salvage My Withering Self-Esteem

  1. I use a Facebook Page for my blog. I’ve found that I am indirectly transitioning “library readers” over to that space and that my main Facebook account is becoming more family and non-library friends. It helps to be able to separate those audiences.

    I primarily use the Blog Page to push out new posts– since people are using RSS readers less and less– it is becoming a growing source of blog traffic for me. I am starting to use the Page in different ways too– such as posting related photos or asking a question or promoting an upcoming talk or paper. But in order to keep things manageable I would say I imagine using it 90% of the time just to alert people when new posts are online. I don’t promote it as much as I should, but many people who are not my Facebook friends follow the page so it provides access to a wider audience.

    Good luck with your efforts.

  2. Sonia

    It’s easy! you just think about your post as an ad in the daily newspaper. You write a 4 line attractive review of the new post and link to it. The rest of the day you may post every hour or 2 a picture, some random thoughts and all the little stuff that will not fit in the blog but still, you want to say outloud.

    Imagne your FB page as a the front window in a store where you’re displaying your most unique side so people will turn around and enter in it (your blog)

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