I was debating starting a Facebook page for The Magpie Librarian. I already keep up a blog, a Twitter and two somewhat unrelated Tumblrs, which already feel like plenty of work. You start to wonder how many things you need to be dedicated to. Do I need a Pinterest account, too? Instagram? Polyvore? Homing pigeons? Where does it end?

Facebook seemed like an easy way to get my blog to a new audience. I’ll let you know how successful I think it is in a couple if months.

In the meantime, like my Facebook page? You can see the handy dandy click-able button on the left-hand side of this page.

Bloggers, do you have a Facebook page just for your blog? How do you make sure you get your blog posts out to your readers?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

About magpielibrarian

Youth Services Librarian, Mediocre Crafter, Urban Magpie, Glitter Addict, and Worshiper of Ridiculous Outfits, Emerging Leader 2012, Former Rainbow Book List Member, and GLBT RT Director-at-Large! This is what a librarian looks like, kids.

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  1. I use a Facebook Page for my blog. I’ve found that I am indirectly transitioning “library readers” over to that space and that my main Facebook account is becoming more family and non-library friends. It helps to be able to separate those audiences.

    I primarily use the Blog Page to push out new posts– since people are using RSS readers less and less– it is becoming a growing source of blog traffic for me. I am starting to use the Page in different ways too– such as posting related photos or asking a question or promoting an upcoming talk or paper. But in order to keep things manageable I would say I imagine using it 90% of the time just to alert people when new posts are online. I don’t promote it as much as I should, but many people who are not my Facebook friends follow the page so it provides access to a wider audience.

    Good luck with your efforts.

  2. Sonia says:

    It’s easy! you just think about your post as an ad in the daily newspaper. You write a 4 line attractive review of the new post and link to it. The rest of the day you may post every hour or 2 a picture, some random thoughts and all the little stuff that will not fit in the blog but still, you want to say outloud.

    Imagne your FB page as a the front window in a store where you’re displaying your most unique side so people will turn around and enter in it (your blog)

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