Faux rage is all the rage @ your library: Me and my stupid ideas

I’ve been mentioning how busy we’ve been at the library, thanks to my old friend, Summer Reading. I was having a particularly hectic desk, and I was rushing across the library with a teenager in hopes of picking over the Assignment section to see if any Mark Twain books were left. On the way, I saw a couple of 20-somethings Instagramming this quote we have up on the wall:


I could see the couple muttering to each other and shaking their heads. I wasn’t sure what was up, but I did know that whatever it was, I didn’t want a part of it. I tried to usher the teen patron past them as fast as I could, but the couple spotted me. I could tell that they were mad and wanted to tell me all about it. Our conversation went as follows:

Male Hipster Patron: Are you the librarian?

Me: Yes, can I help you?

MHP: Have you read this?

Me: Never really noticed it before.

MHP: Read it. And tell me what you think.

Me: (reading it over) Eh…sounds about right to me.

MHP: It’s totally inappropriate to have this up in the Young Adult room! There’s no such thing as a stupid idea!

Me: ReallyWell, I better help this patron! (hastily runs off to find stray copies of Huck Finn)

Luckily, my crazy desk was over not long after that, and I went to tell my coworkers what the MHP had said, and we all thought it was pretty funny. As we’re talking, I notice a plate of muffins that must have been left over from some sort of event or program. I absentmindedly pop one into my mouth and continue to talk to the other librarians.

As we’re chit-chatting, my mouth gets really numb. My lungs feel kind strained and my breathing becomes a little labored. Crap, I think, this is a banana muffin.

I’m allergic to bananas. 

I spit the muffin out and figure that since I only had two bites, I’m probably going to be OK. I’m a little freaked out, but I’ve had worse allergic reactions. I was fine within the hour.

So, basically, I had a really good idea to eat a muffin, but then I ate it, and found out how stupid the idea really was.

See, concerned hipster patron? There are stupid ideas. I have them all the time!

Walter Dean Myers: 1. MHP: O.

Books win again!

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

6 thoughts on “Faux rage is all the rage @ your library: Me and my stupid ideas

  1. cathmary12

    I think we can place put this tale in a pantheon that includes, ‘Heckling “Pete the Cat” (because it encourages children to suppress their feelings), and ‘Taking Umbrage at Moomin Bare Bottoms’.

  2. I think that gentleman is suffering under the common delusion that teens are dumb, have no sense of humor, don’t want to be sympathized with, and like us to lie and tell them everything is always perfect and everyone is a special snowflake

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