Some good news has got to start coming from Florida. Today is not that day. Despite libraries being in high demand (according to the video in this Huff Post article), the Mayor of Miami-Dade County is talking about closing 22 libraries and laying off 251 library workers. Why? Because in his words, “People have said that the age of the library is probably ending.”

I’m sorry, what now? What “people”? Who are these “people”? Sounds like shoddy research to me. Maybe he should hit up a library so his can properly cite his sources.

Library lovers, please tweet at Miami-Dade mayor, Carlos A. Gimenez and let him know that if he’s pro-Florida and pro-community, then he should be pro-library. 

Miami-Dade residents? Do you have a library card? If not, now is the time to sign up, take out some books, and support your libraries! Trust me, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Here are some more tips on how to support Miami-Dade libraries. There’s also an online petition

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid  

P.S. People, seriously. I am so sick of this crap

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Youth Services Librarian, Mediocre Crafter, Urban Magpie, Glitter Addict, and Worshiper of Ridiculous Outfits, Emerging Leader 2012, Former Rainbow Book List Member, and GLBT RT Director-at-Large! This is what a librarian looks like, kids.

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  1. Sergio Lopez says:

    It’s kind of hard to concentrate on what you are reading when you constantly fear that a wannabe cop will shoot you dead because a person of color reading looks “suspicious”.

    • There’s a lot wrong in Florida right now. I wouldn’t be able to write about Zimmerman without dissolving into a heap of tears and inarticulate nonsense, so I’m writing about what I know how to write about.

  2. That’s akin to “people” saying the Age of Information or the Age of Community Dialogue and Access is ending… I hope “they” are wrong…

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