Where the Links are: “I like the things about me that I once despised”


I’m a sucker for a good link round-up. I can’t lie. Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee does weekly round-ups that I live for (it’s not a library-related site, but all library and no play makes Ingrid something-something). I used to bust out Things I Love Thursdays (TiLTs) once in a while, but they were kind of a chore and I gave up. So, I’m taking another go at this, posting them on Fridays instead of Thursdays (I guess Thursday always crept up on me. I was never ready for it). Here we go:


♥ This is a thing that happened:


The Slog Days of Summer: Have I complained about Summer Reading lately? Marge over at Tiny Tips for Library Fun totally feels all of our collective sad summer feels.

A library is not just about books: it’s also a place for the vulnerable: Did you know that the UK is predicted to lose 400 more libraries by 2016? I had no idea the numbers were so big. This moving article drives home the fact that libraries are so much more than books (though, books are pretty darn important):

My own fragility revealed that a library is not just a reference service: it is also a place for the vulnerable. From the elderly gentleman whose only remaining human interaction is with library staff, to the isolated young mother who relishes the support and friendship that grows from a Baby Rhyme Time session, to a slow moving 30-something woman collecting her CDs, libraries are a haven in a world where community services are being ground down to nothing. I’ve always known libraries are vital, but now I understand that their worth cannot be measured in books alone.

The Magicians: This is Libraries Changed My Life‘s most popular submission to date. For so many of us who were teenagers dying to escape from our small towns, our libraries helped us hold on just a little longer, until it was time to go.

Whichbook: I don’t care how many reader’s advisory aids there are. I want to play with them all. This one has a handy little set of scales to mess with:

I, personally, enjoy a literary cocktail of Unusual, Happy, Beautiful, and Unpredictable. I’m always looking for my next Weetzie Bat. 

My neighborhood is getting a new Sci-Fi/Fantasy bookstore!

Boss Lady is trying to collect 1000 Origami Yodas!


What I’m reading:

Just finished Proxy by Alex London. Dystopian, Big Brother is really watching, with a gay POC protagonist to boot.

♥ Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. Non-stop. I keep putting it on hold. Over and Over. I’m obsessed. I need to buy my own copy. I need another book like this. Any ideas? I hit up Your Next 5 Books and hit kind of a dead end.

♥ I got the idea for my Just 5 Things feature from How to Be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith.

What I’m listening to:

What I’m coveting:

Modern Girl Blitz Tattoos  ♥ Jawbreaker Locket ♥ THIS AMAZING T-SHIRT FROM GEEKS OUT! ♥  Fat Positive Zines ♥ This Pin ♥ Honey Tree Perfume ♥ Wreck this Journal ♥ A Custom Blog Header by one of my favorite bloggers ♥ Creepy Toy Cat ♥ Poe Ribbon ♥


I need this tattooed on my forehead.
I need this tattooed on my forehead.
1974: “I’m proud of my gay son”, New York City
1974: “I’m proud of my gay son”, New York City

Remember when I talked about Ender’s Game a while ago?

Alright, so, let’s see if I can keep up with once a week round-ups. What did you think of this one? Do you have your own weekly round-up? Share it in the comments.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

P.S.: Yo, these link round-ups take hours to write, and now, I’ve realized, only take a hot second to read.

P.P.S.: If you don’t like my low budge link round-up logo, make me a new one. Pretty please?

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