Just 5 Things with JP Porcaro

Here’s my second “Just 5 Things” segment, where I micro-interview a librarian, blogger, or just someone I dig. Today, we have JP Porcaro, he of Make It Happen (#mih), Mover and Shaker, and Rockstar Librarian fame. If you’re a librarian, I probably don’t even need to introduce him at all. I’m going to be hyper honest here: The first time I saw JP at an ALA conference, the hype surrounding him scared the bejeezo out of me. Too much hoopla with a whirlwind of #partyhard chaser. But JP himself is a solid dude who works hard to make sure all the librarians feel welcome at ALA, and I’m all about that. Plus, with all the talk about librarians and public image and stereotyping and all that nonsense, JP fights all that effortlessly. He’s the least librarian-y looking and acting librarian I’ve ever met.

And now, Just 5 Things:

jp porcaro

A little more on all this:
1. Q: What food would you eat from now until forever? 
A: I would eat pizza now until forever. Versatile, lots of dietary positive&negative options, and reminds me of pizza parties at the library. #pizzapartyhard
2. Q: What’s currently your favorite book?
A: The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan has steered my thoughts on librarianship, technology, and life. McLuhan’s message influenced ideas like Warhol’s “15 Minutes of Fame” to Timothy Leary’s “Turn on, tune in, drop out“.
3. Q: Who is your least favorite literary character?
A: Big Brother.
4. Q: What fictional world would you live in?

A: The book I have reread the most in my life was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. So I’d live somewhere in there. My library’s TINY SHELF that we call our “rare books” collection has the version of the book with illustrations by Salvador Dali, so I occasionally open that thing just to look at his signature. Amazing stuff, anyway.
5. Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be? 
A: I would 110% end up turning into a super villain within 5 seconds of having powers. So, I’d pass.
I had zero clue that JP and I both love Alice. Though #mih gives me hives, I salute you, JP.
(Oh, I asked JP if he wanted me to link this to a blog or article about him and his answer was: “Nah, I’m fine with my Google results.”)
Tune in next week, when I have Just 5 Things with one of my favorite librarian bloggers.
~Love and Libraries, Ingrid
P.S. Though I’ve been making my paragraph separations very clear, WordPress is doing whatever it wants. Sorry if the spacing is all uneven. I did my best.

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