Where the Links are: It’s got an atmosphere of its own somehow


Leaving Shangri-La: This blog hasn’t been updated since 2011, but I can’t stop reading anyway:  “Books and Ephemera for the Francesca Lia Block fan.” I’m obsessed. I’m having major blog envy here, folks. Like, why can’t my blog be this good? And what happens when I’m done reading this blog? I fear the last page! Leaving Shangri-La is my new security blanket.

 New Case of Libranesia Confirmed in Miami: The libraries of Miami-Dade still need some saving. I do like this quote, “Sufferers of Libramnesia have been known to regain their memory and appreciation for the awesomeness that is our country’s public libraries by experiencing unemployment, homelessness, immigration and/or ghostly encounters with Andrew Carnegie.”

♥ Please explain to me what in the Hades this person is talking about. I’m serious. I have no idea. I’ve read it twice. Is this an Onion article? : Guess what the librarian is teaching your kids on ‘social justice’?

♥ Thanks to Catherine for pointing me towards this article entitled The Problem with Summer Reading. My two favorite books that I read in school were Sassafrass, Cypress, and Indigo by Ntozake Shange and The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. Both of these were books that I was allowed to choose on my own and read independently.

♥ Don’t make librarians mad, OK?

Not Libraries

♥ More and more are lending their voices to support the boycott of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game movie: Ender’s Game is making a big push at Comic-Con, but I’m not buying it:

To Orson Scott Card: you have my tolerance.

I tolerate your right to get married. I tolerate your right to build a family, just as I would tolerate your decision not to. I tolerate your right to adopt. I tolerate your right to share your financial burdens with your partner. I tolerate your right to visit your partner in hospital. I tolerate your right to marry in a church or out of it. I tolerate your right to have your marriage recognised by the state and by others.

I tolerate your freedom. I tolerate your books in libraries. I tolerate your presence in schools. I tolerate your right to hold hands with your partner in a public space. I tolerate your right to be open about who you love without fear of recrimination from neighbours, employers, or churches.

I tolerate your religion. So long as you don’t seek to impose your views on people who don’t share them, I gladly tolerate your right to worship and your right to express your beliefs. I tolerate your existence.

Do not assume that my tolerance extends to indulgence. Tolerance doesn’t mean that I stand silent while you rail against me. Tolerance does not require me to abandon my own financial power as a consumer. Tolerance does not oblige me to support artists who are unrepentant bigots.

When we sought your tolerance, we weren’t asking you to buy a ticket to a movie. You have my tolerance, Orson. You have always had my tolerance.

Now I’m going to boycott your movie.

Tolerate that.

Oh, cool. An app where hot cartoon dudes call me fat. Does the fun ever start?

Fast Food, Low Pay:

The median age of today’s fast-food worker is over 29, and many are trying to support families. One estimate claims that a family of four needs nearly $90,000 a year to get by in the nation’s capital. That’s six minimum-wage jobs. Explain to me, please, how you can be pro-family and anti-living-wage simultaneously?

♥ I Do Not Want My Daughter to be Nice

♥ Two dreams rooms: Twinkie Chan (even though I can’t knit or crochet) and Kate from Scathingly Brilliant.

What I’m reading:

Weetzie Bat. Again. On audiobook. It’s making me cry, but I don’t care. It’s a comfortable book and it’s a welcome distraction from some of the personal crap I’m going through.

Mermaid in Chelsea Creek by Michelle Tea. A beautiful book that broke my heart a thousand times over, but I kept coming back for more. Ripe, beautiful, dreamy.

What I’m listening to:

What I’m coveting: 

Kinkajou Bottle Cutting Kits (they turn beer/wine bottles into drinking glasses. I think this is so rad) ♥ These cat nail decals, even though my nails look like crap no matter what I do ♥ This die-cut cupcake ♥ A fatkini ♥ Neil Gaiman Perfumes! ♥ The best necklace ever ♥ Or maybe this necklace? The perfect blogger necklace? ♥ A stay in this treehouse ♥ The red lipstick that might be the one that finally changes my life ♥


That’s all for Miss Ingrid! Tune in Monday for another installment of Just 5 Things. Have a great weekend.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

6 thoughts on “Where the Links are: It’s got an atmosphere of its own somehow

  1. Meghan

    Thanks for letting me know about MERMAID IN CHELSEA CREEK. I am so out of the loop. Put a hold on it at NYPL before I even wrote this comment!

  2. You just made my day infinitely better. Also, something is going on with my mood today, and that was proven by the fact that the cartoon with the girl and the cat and the armor removal just literally made me cry at my desk. so, um, ok.

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