Where the Links are: The seasons know exactly when to change


Miami-Dade libraries are having a HELL of a hard time. There’s a lot of bad ideas in the mix, including the plan to open school libraries to the public (in lieu of the public library). GRR!

♥ I consider this to be library-related: Kids can’t use computers…And this is why it should worry you. Yeah, the kids at the library can get on the computer and look up YouTube videos, but they can’t do a proper internet search. Some of them will think the computer is broken, but it’s only that the monitor is off. Most of them can’t type or use Word or even cut and paste documents. It’s scary and frustrating. We’re taught that computer usage is innate to kids and teens, but it’s not.

♥ Did I mention that I’m one of the new admins of Librarian Wardrobe? It’s a FACT. Oh, like LB on Facebook. Do it!

PLEASE do me a solid and sign this petition to make sure that NYC schools have a school librarian. You don’t have to be from NY state to sign and it’s an important cause. School librarians have been shown to improve student performance in numerous studies and New York City public school students have a right to this important educational resource. Please sign and pass it along on Facebook and Twitter. Or whatever you kids are using these days.

Not Libraries:

♥  BAD. ASS: “Sampat Pal is the founder and commander-in-chief of India’s Pink Gang, known as the Gulabi Gang in Hindi…Named after their pink sari uniforms and pink-painted bamboo sticks, this group of around 20,000 members take on everyone from abusive husbands to crooked police, who often refuse to register and investigate rape cases.”

♥ This Brooklyn principal bravely opposes standardized testing.

♥ I should read this every day. You probably should, too.

♥ The truth about size 0.

What I’m reading:

♥ A YA book called Vibes, which features an unapologetically fat protagonist. I’m listening to it on audio.

♥ A fascinating YA memoir called Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler. Aaron’s hilarious, his family is frustrating as hell, and you spend most of the book wanting to rescue him and take him to a viewing of Pretty Woman. 

What I’m listening to:

What I’m watching:

One of my favorite best/worst made for TV movies starring Shannon Dough-Hurty.

What I’m coveting: 

I love amethyst! ♥ This high-waisted floral skirt ♥ THE MOST RIDICULOUS JACKET EVER ♥ Cotton Candy grapes. I don’t care if it’s wrong! I don’t want to be right ♥ Ugh. I could be SO GOOD TO THIS DRESS ♥ I could also serve some Girl Scout realness ♥ These earrings would probably take my nerdity to whole new levels ♥ These thingies to slap on my thighs ♥ A fancy umbrella for all the crap rain we’ve been having ♥ A whole lot of cat zines ♥


today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday

I’m tired now.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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7 thoughts on “Where the Links are: The seasons know exactly when to change

  1. Erin

    Thank you so much for the computer article, I find it to be true every day with most of the kids who come into the library, a large number of adults too…

  2. School/public libraries, done correctly, are valuable and just as valid as each type of library separately. I’ve worked in and with them. But those have been in rural towns, where this one location serves a multi-level school and as much as an entire county.

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