Where the Links are: I’m a sucker for your lucky, pretty eyes


♥ Yes. I’m still talking about Eleanor and Park. Thanks for asking! So. Is Eleanor fat? Well? Just how fat is she? Is she like curvy or actually fat fat? Does it matter?

♥ Amy Martin gets me. Even when she’s not talking about me. If you’ve ever been laid off, this will get you right in the heart hole.

♥ I’ve talked about the blog Leaving Shangri-LA, which I love even though it hasn’t been updated in a long while. The creator of that blog has a new project that I’m super excited about. Check it out and then manically place a bunch of library holds.

Not Libraries:

♥ You may have wondered what actress Theda Bara (born Theodosia Burr Goodman, Theda Bara is an anagram of Arab Death) thinks about vampires. ME TOO: “I have known women, swarthy, sinuous, with tragic eyes and vivid lips — and the hearts of little children. I have known girls with rosebud mouths and limpid, violet eyes and the hearts of criminals.” Dreamy.

What a Kindergartener Can Teach You About Gender Identity:

We all quickly learn that our kids model our responses; if you make an issue out of something, then they will too… I can’t help but think that adults should start learning from kids…

I get it. For most of us grownups, gender identity is new territory — but so are many things these days. It is our responsibility as parents to process all the new that is out there and figure out how to apply our family values to the conversation…

My job responsibilities provide me with the space and resources to learn about people who are transgender; I’m aware that that is a pretty unique case. Not everybody has that as part of their job descriptions, but that isn’t an excuse not to learn about transgender issues and then to go the route of childish behavior and uninformed commentary.

♥ How to make friends as a grown-up, because even though I’m an extrovert, I’m not an extrovert when it counts.

♥ A little something on the Common Core:

American kids are better off, on average, than the typical child in Japan, New Zealand, or South Korea, yet they knew far less math than those children. Our most privileged teenagers had highly educated parents and attended the richest school in the world, yet they ranked 18th in math compared to their privileged peers around the world, scoring well below affluent kinds in New Zealand, Belgium, France and Korea, among other places. The typical child in Beverly Hills performed below average, compared to all kids in Canada.

What I’m reading:

♥ A teen literary and art zine from the Kansas City Public library called Unheard Voices.

♥ Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves. Not sure what in the what is going on this this lush YA novel, but it’s weird and good so far.

What I’m listening to:

♥ Like most people, episodes of Night Vale. Nearly non-stop. Get on it. It manages to be creepy and quaint at the same time.

Two songs off of the playlist I BEGGED Rainbow Rowell to make. And she did. Because I bully authors on Twitter.

What I’m watching:

♥ You need to watch this. A little bit on using your privilege for good:

What I’m coveting: 

♥ This super fancy perpetual calender ♥ If I had this bunny pin, I would name it Patrice ♥ This deer is creepy but also necessary ♥ I wish I didn’t kill plants just by looking at them, because I adore this gnome terrarium ♥ G-d, I just really need this sweatshirt. I just do ♥ My pastel pukey pink and other-colored hair is created by mixing Manic Panic and conditioner, but I’m curious about companies that make pastel dyes ♥ SPARKLY CAT EARS ARE FOR EVERY DAY ♥ This could make me super popular during storytime ♥ I love these earrings, but I’d also be tempted to eat them ♥ I want this in my house. Is it too much? I don’t care ♥


~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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