Where the Links are: Last night I dreamed of Dodecahedrons


♥ Children’s Librarians! Z Before Y should be all up in your blogroll already. Read about Miss Catherine’s Double-Doubles. There’s also a picture of a doughnut there, if that helps.

♥ We librarians already know this: For You to Borrow, Some Libraries Must Go Begging: “People from all walks of life continue to use public libraries, but in a country with a pronounced and still growing wealth gap, some of us truly depend on them.”

♥ The situation with Miami-Dade library layoffs is still dire. Please read this and share it.

♥ More Amy Martin cartoons. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Not Libraries:

♥ What I learned from Buffy about all the versions of my Queer Girl self: I mourn the loss of this important show on the regs, and I’m not the only one: “Unlike most teen dramas, Buffy wasn’t a narrative about finding an identity; it was always about having a lot of them.” I wish teens had a show like this now, one that says it’s OK to never fit into any category. We’re always evolving and discovering. We might not ever fit anywhere, but that doesn’t mean we’ve failed.

♥ I’m not an expert on what’s going on in Syria. If you’re not either, and you want to rectify that, read this.

♥ When I talk about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, I’m not talking about clutching my pearls at the so-called sexiness or supposed edginess. You will find no “slut-shaming” on my part. I’m talking about this (and cultural appropriation as well):

“She (Cyrus) is playing a type of black female body as a joke to challenge her audience’s perceptions of herself, while leaving their perceptions of black women’s bodies firmly intact. It’s a dance between performing sexual freedom and maintaining a hierarchy of female bodies from which white women benefit materially.”

♥ On wearing nothing new: Not like you didn’t already know that shopping second hand is best.

What I’m reading:

♥ More Rainbow list hopefuls, as usual. Right now it’s I Swear by Lane Davis. I can’t find the LGBTQ content so far.

Marion Meade’s Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin: Writers Running Wild in the Twenties. Listening to it on audio and loving every second.

What I’m listening to:

What I’m coveting:

This shirt really gets the point across ♥A pretty perfect Harry Potter bracelet ♥ These bookends are stunning ♥Sub Rosa by Amber Dawn, which my library doesn’t own I don’t drink tea enough to justify buying these, but look how beautiful! ♥ I’m a sucker for enamel flower earrings. I still haven’t found the perfect pair. ♥ Icing on the Cake coffee. I used to drink this coffee all the time. I really need to invest in a couple of new bags of it. It’s the best ever. ♥ I recently got back from my boyfriend’s family’s house, and I adore the wallpaper on all the walls. I think I could maybe swing temporary wallpaper, and I love this pattern and color. ♥ A tiny kiss from a Venezuelan poodle moth


~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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