Where the Links are: Blood stains, Ball gowns


Can my library handle Brycey’s Awesome Box? 

OMG! A new Francesca Lia Block book! I CAN’T WAIT!

I used to do a class that was entirely based around Nursery Rhymes. Mel has inspired me to get back on that bandwagon.

Let’s discourage children from interacting with great books and ideas! Just kidding! That’s a terrible idea!

♥ Don’t tell my boss, but I’ve actually started to enjoy Babies and Books (I used to be scared of babies. It’s their giant soulful eyes). The only thing I don’t like about Babies and Books is the shoddy book selection. As in many cases, I look to Abby for help.

Checkout this badass library being totally badass.

♥ Ways to be like Weetzie Bat (Yes, this is my second FLB link and I’m not even done, yet)

♥ You know what? Your library has a TON of free shit.


♥ Disappointing news regarding DC comics and Batwoman

Not Libraries:

A little comic about emergency contraception

This post made me put a hold on Nin’s book, Collages, which has been ferreted away in storage:

Druks and Mathiesen…concocted a masquerade party for which guests were encouraged to “Come as your madness,” and this inspired one of the guests—avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger—to create Inauguration of the Pleasuredome, in which Nin, Druks, and Mathiesen appeared. One of the most iconic scenes is an abstraction of the costume Nin wore at the party, which she describes below:

I wore a skin-colored leotard, leopard-fur earrings glued to my naked breasts, and a leopard-fur belt around my waist. Gil Henderson painted on my bare back a vivid jungle scene. I wore eyelashes two inches long. My hair was dusted with gold powder. My head was inside of a birdcage. From within the cage, through the open gate, I pulled out an endless roll of paper on which I had written lines from my books. The ticker tape of the unconscious. I unwound this and handed everyone a strip with a message.

How Not to Respond to Indigenous Experiences of Racism in Canada: Or anywhere else, really. Don’t bring up your Native American friend, don’t claim you’re too busy to think about this issue, don’t compare one kind of racism to another, and apologize when you’re wrong.

♥ Let’s discourage children from going to and enjoying school. Just kidding! That’s a terrible idea!

 I’m so in awe of Wren, who came out as trans at the age of 11: “People tease me right now and I can handle it. The way that I like to look at it is that they’re just practice for the real jerks in life…And, besides, if they say something to me, then they don’t have to be part of my life . . . I don’t think I need people who don’t like me.”

What I’m reading:

Some of Francesca Lia Block‘s poetry. I love her so much.

♥ ALL of the Ask a Clean Person posts, because I’m a mess, girl.

What I’m listening to:

What I’m watching:

♥ This.

What I’m coveting:

This comfy looking, squishy chair ♥ A coffee mug made for slobs like me ♥ The perfect washer for a tiny apartment ♥ This gorgeous 1940s Japanese jacket ♥ This dress, but, like, uh, in my size, please? ♥ Do I have enough cat pins? Apparently notERMAHGERD! KITTEH UNDERBOOS!I could really use a spot at this Fall into Body Love workshop. Like really. I’m a little self-loathe-y these days. I can’t afford it at the moment, but it’s something I need right nowI could be so cool in Toddler Time with these earrings RuPaul’s Drag Race nail stickers! OMG! ♥



Until next time…

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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