Magic Tube! Tube of Magic? Something, something whatever storytime prop

Stealing Melissa Depper’s ideas is my FAVORITE past time. Her blog is just the greatest. I love how she makes all of her storytime ideas so accessible to everyone. When I have a brain fart/block, I turn to her for inspiration. Therefore, I bring to you, the Magic Tube! The Noob Tube! The Paper Towel Tube of Destiny! I don’t know what to call this thing, but it makes for a pretty rad storytime prop:


Mel’s is a bit different, and you can see it here. I affixed the paper strips onto the tube with staples as well as glue, because, for me, it made the flaps less floppy and more stable.

I like this thingamabob because:

  • It’s made of cheap stuff (just a paper towel tube, construction paper, some clip art print-outs, glue, and staples)
  • It’s customizable for any of those “countdown” songs: 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed/sitting in a tree, 5 Little Ducks, 5 Green and Speckled Frogs, etc.
  • It’s a bit easier to create than flannel board pieces or finger puppets. Maybe it’s because I’m not particularly skilled in the felt pieces department, but those kinds of projects are pretty time consuming for me. I whipped up these nails and bams in a snap.

I do my 5 Little Nails chant differently than Mel, too, I think because the natural rhythm of my voice is better suited for this:

Five little nails, standing straight and steady.
Here comes the carpenter with her hammer ready!
Bam Bam Bam! That nail goes down.
Now there’s just four nails to pound.

I also like planting the idea that a girl can be a carpenter.

So, this tube whatchamacallit is my new favorite storytime prop. What’s yours?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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