Where the Links Are: Weetzie Bat Assists in the Escape of the Lisbon Sisters at Night


♥ Who is SUPER proud to be a member of the GLBT Round Table? This girl! Check out a brief history of my favorite part of ALA, complete with this little gem:

To get attention for their new group, they hosted a “Hug a Homosexual” Booth, with a line for “Men only” and “Women only” at the 1971 Annual Conference in Dallas. After crowds were drawn with still no takers, Barbara Gittings, who was then coordinator for the group, shared a kiss with Isabel Miller, winner of the first gay book award, which was filmed and photographed and generated lots of news coverage. 

A sad state of affairs: “The public library in suburban Maywood closed its doors Saturday and will not reopen until funding can be secured. It’s a place to read, use a computer and for teens to stay out of trouble. But now, the Maywood Library is closed due to a lack of funding.”

♥ I agree. Make this movie right now. Or don’t. I might not be ready to share this book with the masses. I’m scared. Hold me.

♥ Wait a gosh darn minute. When did this happen? What rock have I been under? New Sandman comic? I’m kvelling!

♥ Such a bizarre story. But I believe it. And I see people who *truly* need shelter live in public libraries all the time.

Not Libraries:

♥ “I will probably be on some sort of anxiety-controlling medicine my whole life, and knowing the alternative, that is just fine with me.” Such a well-done piece. So many of us, myself included, will be on meds like this forever, and people can be very judgmental about that. We need to talk about this more in order to normalize it.

♥  We need a paradigm shift in how we look at women who survive abuse and how they’re treated by the legal system,” says Sumayya Fire, a long-time advocate against domestic violence and another core organizer of the campaign. “We have such stigma and stereotypes about women who have been victimized by domestic violence. People ask, ‘Why did she stay?’ instead of ‘Why is he abusing her?’ Then, if a woman defends herself, she is sent to prison.”

♥ Writers are not free labor: “I’ve been trying to understand the mentality that leads people who wouldn’t ask a stranger to give them a keychain or a Twizzler to ask me to write them a thousand words for nothing. I have to admit my empathetic imagination is failing me here. I suppose people who aren’t artists assume that being one must be fun since, after all, we do choose to do it despite the fact that no one pays us. They figure we must be flattered to have someone ask us to do our little thing we already do.”

♥ We live in a culture where young girls are constantly looking for approval and validation and are met with a cycle of negativity and harassment.

♥ Two great articles on Everyday Feminism, as usual: Let’s Talk about Thin Privilege and What You’re Really Saying When You Call Me a Bitch.

What I’m reading:

♥ Honey pies, just Rainbow List contenders. Non-stop. It is my life. Click here to see what we’ve read and enjoyed so far.

What I’m listening to:

Behold! The only 8tracks mix I’ve ever made:

What I’m watching:

What I’m coveting: 

♥ I am digging SO many of the charms on this Build Your Own charm necklace  I’m OBSESSED with all of the art in this shop. Pastel heaven! Don’t you want to smell like a mermaid? My cat should get to sleep in this bed ♥ This is good for any time, right? Not just Halloween? ♥ I think pale pink is the right color for this pin These are the kitschiest, weirdest, cutest wall things! There has never been a truer thing written on a t-shirt EVER I’ve already ordered this great T-shirt. Yes to Fats and Fems! Yo, check out this table that looks like a cookie 


What have you been reading/loving/thinking about this week?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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6 thoughts on “Where the Links Are: Weetzie Bat Assists in the Escape of the Lisbon Sisters at Night

  1. Hey,
    I just wanted to say ‘hello’ & thanks, because I recently found your blog and it’s freaking awesome. I’m in my first semester of my MLIS and while it’s really overwhelming, and I’m still getting used to engaging online, blogs like this one are what keep me really excited about librarianship.
    (Also, yeah, the stigma attached to medication is ridiculous. I’m on ADHD meds and so I tell everyone all the time, because the judgement people cast on something they don’t actually know about can be intense, and I refuse to be part of that kind of culture of shame, so I can only hope normalizing it will help.)
    Anyway, just, you know, thanks for being great & for the awesome link posts & whatnot.

      1. I’m hoping to go into public librarianship. I’m particularly interested in library programming for kids and teens, as well as digital and media literacy skills education. Anyway, I’m not looking for anything in particular on your blog (thanks, though!), I just enjoy basking in its loveliness.

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