Making the Library a Friendlier Place. Well, at least trying.

Making the library safe for all kinds of kids and teens is something that’s on my mind quite a bit. You may have realized by now that I’m super into signage and displays. I have no delusions that signs will create this magical library utopia, where homophobia, sexism, and racism take a massive hike, but it’s a start and hopefully it’s helping to facilitate an atmosphere of tolerance.

I saw this sign on Tumblr and thought I could recreate it. For the background, I used pages from old Time Life Science books that I snagged from Tim. I banged out the letters on our die-cut machine. The letters are glued to circles I made with a giant hole punch. Here’s the result. I’ve tacked it up behind the YA/Teen reference desk:


The picture isn't crooked. My photography is.
The picture isn’t crooked. My photography is.

We want to add some other posters, but I think we’ll ending up buying instead of DIY-ing. I’m thinking about something like this or this.

How do you promote tolerance at your library?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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7 thoughts on “Making the Library a Friendlier Place. Well, at least trying.

  1. Actually, this might be something I should consider for mine. The term “gay” and the phrase “go die” are used so liberally that with all the conversations educators are having with their students, I only wonder where it really changes things.
    Posters in obvious places will make students think twice.
    – Krys

  2. This is something I struggle with constantly–I feel like my usual response to the topic (somewhere between ‘be respectful,’ ‘that’s unacceptable here’ ‘I never want to hear that kind of abusive language in here again’ and ‘sorry, you’re done here for the day’) is already starting to hit lame-adult broken-record status. The racism I have to assume is a family-learned behavior, and when coupled with the routine nastiness of 11 year old boys saying to 11 year old girls ‘you’re the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen,’ it pushes me from sweet librarian to HULK in far too short a time. This is all by way of saying, please do share any other signage you should happen to find effective. 😉

    1. It is a daily struggle, and it’s not easy. A sign is a good constant, but we have have to be consistent with our behavior combating nasty remarks. I get mad all the time! I’ll get cranky with the teens, or I’ll go home and complain about it for an hour. This sign is just the beginning. I hope to do more. You share your good ideas, too!

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