My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2013

I’m so excited about my top five blog posts of 2013, I can hardly contain myself! 

Let’s take a look back on the year that was on this tiny, sparkly, hole-in-the-wall blog.

My fifth most read post of 2013 is Cats (and Librarians) Against Cat Calls, where I tried to combat sexual harassment in the library. I love making library displays and I’m glad that you like to look at them.

cats against catcalling

I like images like the upper one, because it helps to break down the difference between compliments and harassment.

Though I wrote it in 2012, Please Don’t Say This to a Librarian is my fourth most popular post. I’m glad you still like it or love to hate it! Read with caution, as comments from “Zach” may send you into a lady-rage tailspin. It looks like sexual harassment will always be a hot topic on this blog.

Zack, where've you been? You never write. You never call.
Zach, where’ve you been? You never write. You never call.

Number three is pretty much a joke post, playing off the misguided notion that the job of a library is somehow relaxing. Check out DAFUQ You Say to Me? CNBC Calls Librarian one of the Least Stressful jobs of 2013.


My second most popular post is maybe one I shouldn’t have written. I knocked out this sucker when I was still trying to understand the hierarchy of the library world. I was poorly navigating the “rockstars” and Movers and Shakers and the haters and the egos. Am I still mad that a self-proclaimed library guru called me a homophobe and doesn’t understand cultural appropriation? Yeah. Pretty much. Half of my “supporters” in the comments are people I simply don’t agree with anymore. They trash me on Twitter pretty much on the regs and it’s just something I deal with. Do I still feel like women are being silenced in the library world. Fuck yeah, I do. Take a look at this hot mess of a blog post, if you dare.

And now, I give to you, my seven readers, my most-read post of 2013: What’s a Library? Here’s where I interacted with one of the most out of touch people I’ve ever met, Michael Rosenblum. He had a bone to pick with libraries. Not that he’d ever been to one.

I’ve mentioned again and again how hard this year was on me. Anyone who has lost a parent knows that I have zero idea how to communicate how downtrodden I am. Writing was good for me, though, and I’m glad you were all around to read what I had to say.  I live for your comments and emails, so keep ’em coming.

What do you want to see on this blog in 2014? What don’t you want to see?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2013

  1. Erin

    Thank you for all you have done this year, reading your blog is always a highlight of my workday! I admire your strength and your voice and your ablility to speak up, I am still working on that skill. I look forward to next year and all the wonderful things I will learn from you!
    I hope you have a marvelous and glitter filled new year!

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