I’ve been complaining for a LONG time (almost five years!) about being one of my system’s very last-hired librarians. We had some budget issues here in NYC and a hiring freeze was in full effect.  I sometimes referred to myself, perhaps over-dramatically, as the only living librarian in New York.

Things are looking up, though, buttercups, as my system is finally hiring some librarians! Seven librarians! SEVEN!


I’m excited for me, because I HAVE BEEN SO VERY LONELY. I’m also super pumped for you, because I love working in this city and I think you will too. If you want to work where you’re really needed by your community and you want to throw down and create rad programs for your patrons, this is the place for you.

Specifically, five children’s librarians and two young adult librarians will be hired. Word on the street is that one of each will end up at Central, where I work and desperately need some librarians who love being librarians to come put an end to our understaffing.

To be clear, I am not doing any of the hiring as I am on the very very bottom of the totem poll, but I will say that, as someone who works with kids and teens:

  • I do a mess of programming. Standard stuff like Toddler Time and Babies and Books, to more elaborate stuff like Toddler Prom, the Agatha program, and fancy book-related parties.
  • We have a Maker Space. Say Maker Space three times into a mirror and a MaKey MaKey appears.
  • Know your databases.
  • I do so much Readers Advisory and I love it.
  • There are class visits here. Nearly every day. Kids of every age. Are you ready?
  • Summer Reading at Central is NO JOKE. No sleep ’til Brooklyn. Or in Brooklyn.

So, are you that librarian? Are you that librarian we’ve been waiting for? COME ON, ALREADY!

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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  1. alexquay says:

    Holy cow, that’s exciting! Makes me wish I was in back in BK this. very. second.

  2. So what happened? Is there a follow-up?

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