Where does it go?: An interactive, transportation-themed flannel board

I am constantly trolling storytime blogs and Pinterest pages looking for unsuspecting librarians and teachers whose ideas I can steal. I’m a really devious person, everyone. I stole the idea for a flannel board transportation quiz from here. Then I changed it and threw glitter on it.

I will be using this flannel board with my Toddler Time class, as well as with any pre-school class visits I have. I want it to create a little dialogue with the kids and get them thinking about how different objects and ideas go together.

First, I’ll just post four settings on the flannel board: some clouds and a rainbow representing the sky, a street, some train tracks, and the ocean. Then, I will present each mode of transportation and ask the kids, “Where does it go?” Does the plane go in the sky, the street, the train tracks, or the water? Hopefully, together we will figure out that the plane goes in the sky, the car on the street, the train on the train tracks, and the boat on the water.

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I got most of my clip art from Sweet Clip Art and My Cute Graphics.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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