Reading to Your Bunny for 20 Minutes a Day: In this case, the bunny is your child.

Do you ever rearrange your library collection because you realize that the books/materials in a certain area are getting trashed by the kids? Or because you can’t navigate around the stroller obstacle course that inevitably erects itself every day? Well, my boss ladies made a decision based on these instances. We completely shifted over the entire Easy Readers section so that the books didn’t end up mashed and bent-up all over the floor and so that we wouldn’t have to jump over 15 Bugaboo prams to access the books. Once the Easy Readers were housed in a new section, we were left with several empty, and somewhat unattractive, shelves. Of course, I’ve been trying to gussy them up, because that’s what I do. Like most sensible children’s librarians who aren’t stone-cold dead inside, I get all goosebumpy every time I read Rosemary Well‘s Read to Your Bunny. Dude. I don’t have kids and I don’t even want kids, but every time I use this book in storytime, I get all verklempt. It’s just so touching and sweet! I decided to make some decorations and literacy tips based on this book and the premise that you should read to your child for at least 20 minutes a day. Ms. Well’s site has some great resources and images for parents and educators to use (some of which I stole/acquired for this very display), but I should mention that her site is also full of dead links. Click at your own risk! First, I made some bunnies. Giant purple bunny heads, naturally. 2 After I climbed up onto these shelves, I realized that these bunnies should have had a sort of brightly-colored backdrop. The wall looks a little dingy. Now I know for next time. Of course, I had to include some lines from the book (a coworker helped me with the lettering on this. Lettering makes me nervous): It’s like a rule that all my lettering is crooked and ends up veering to one side. I also made up some laminated pieces that sit inside the empty bookshelves:  

To go up with the whole shebang, I created a double-sided handout explaining why  reading at least 20 minutes a day is important and how you can schedule those 20 minutes into your hectic day. I keep a stack of these tip-sheets at the reference desk and they seem to go pretty fast:
If you want the Word documents for these, hit me up at magpielibrarian at That way, you can correct my clearly questionable font choices or switch up whatever you’d like. Clearly, my mention of subways makes this handout extra Brooklyn-centric.
~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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