Why will *you* be in ALA Vegas?

Remember those great Slate photos Kyle Cassidy took of all your favorite librarians? Well, Kyle was kind enough to let the ALA use them so that we could all talk about why we can’t wait for the upcoming conference in Vegas (or why we wish we could attend). Take a look! You’ll also get to see some pictures that didn’t end up in Slate, but are still pretty awesome.

Here’s me talking about the GLBT Round Table:


Mel Gooch is one of my favorite people. She once worked in Brooklyn but then left me and broke my heart forever.

This is Trevor talking about the GameRT:

Lalitha is radiant! I think she’s so great. She’s particularly psyched about an upcoming YALSA program:

Here’s Sarah:

And the fantastic Miss Leigh (who we will miss at Annual):

Erin is that tattooed librarian your parents warned you about and an Emerging Leader to boot!

This is our fearless leader Courtney! I was particularly fond of this picture and was surprised Slate didn’t use it:

So, what are you looking forward to at ALA Annual in Vegas? If you’re #alaleftbehind, what will you miss the most?

Oh, and instead of engaging in more “Hey, that librarian in that picture doesn’t look like me/reflect librarianship“-outrage, you could come get your picture taken by Kyle in Vegas! That’s right! Kyle will be there to capture the charm of even more librarians! All are welcome, I promise. Details to come, gorgeous.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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2 thoughts on “Why will *you* be in ALA Vegas?

  1. Moni Rae

    I’m going to miss all the opportunities to learn from other libraries and librarians around the country. I attend ALA several years ago as a paraprofessional and am now a LIS student at UNT because of that conference. I will miss having a chance to meet up with friends I have made at that and other conferences I have attended in recent years (Internet Librarian in Monterey, CA).

    …. I’m also really going to miss having my picture taken because I’m a ham and want to cheese it up for the photos. ^_^

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