Little Reminders Everywhere: You don’t need to finish every book, you know.

This is April’s early literacy tip and I’m finally blogging about it in early May. I stink.

So, I’ve been making a sign that we keep behind the reference desk that features a new early literacy tip every month.  The response has been great so far. It gives something for people to read while they’re waiting on line at the information desk. I notice people taking pictures of the sign, or slowing down to take a better look at it. We get lots of compliments.

Here’s April’s tip. It has glitter:

As usual, it’s inspired by things that I witnessed as a nanny and interactions I see every day at the library. I often see a nanny or parent insisting that a child read an entire book, even though the child is becoming upset/fussy/frustrated. At a very young age, there’s no reason to make a child sit perfectly still or finish every single book. Reading shouldn’t be a forced activity. You want your child to associate reading with fun and happiness, not with stress.

We all have our own rhythm to the way we read and experience books. Toddlers and Pre-K kids are no different. Some like to fly through books at top speed. Others take an awfully long time, paying close attention to illustrations and specific details. Some kids want to hear the book (or just one page!) over and over again. It’s not unusual for a child to dislike a certain page and want to skip it.

If a young child dislikes a book, it’s no big deal. Move onto something you’ll both like better. Or maybe just stop altogether and pick up at a later time. Reading should be fun, not a chore.

I always look for a second opinion when writing my early literacy tips, just so y’all know I’m not making stuff up. The folks over at Northwestern State University Child and Family Network have my back on this one. They have tons of tips on reading to infants and toddlers:



Until next time, kids.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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