Little Reminders Everywhere: Beware the Summer Slide!

This is a summer-related post and summer’s almost over (can I get an Amen, public children’s librarians?), so this is being written up very late in the game. I’ve talked about how hard summers are on me, so you’ll forgive me for my tardiness. Usually, I leave an early literacy tip behind the reference desk for about a month or so. However, since we are inundated with school-aged children all day in the summer-time, I decided to aim this literacy tip at an older crowd. It went up in July and won’t come down until school starts.

This literacy tip discusses the Summer Slide, which is what happens to children who don’t read during the summer. Their little child-brains eat up tons of knowledge during the school year, but, if they don’t read during July and August, they can lose vocabulary words and even fall back an entire grade level.

Like the Summer Reading plug I snuck in there?

Here’s a closer look at the illustration, which I stole/borrowed from here:

Stay tuned for next month’s early literacy tip, which I will hopefully post in a timely manner like a grown up.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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