JP Porcaro: Better Know a Candidate for ALA Presidency

As a whole, I find ALA politics confusing, convoluted, sometimes pretentious, and generally not geared towards librarians such as myself. I see a lot of friendly smiles and hear a lot of generally nice sentiments bandied about, but I never really understood what any of this had to do with me and the kind of work I’m interested in.

That’s why I’m excited that JP Porcaro, who is running for ALA President, has agreed to be interviewed on my blog. I’ll get the interview up some time in November and I’ll use my own questions, along with those that readers (that’s you guys!) submit. I promise to keep the conversation frank, bullshit-free, and void of unnecessary platitudes.

If you have any questions for JP, hit me up at Please put “Questions for JP” in the subject area. If you want your question/questions to be asked anonymously, please explicitly state so. Full disclosure, JP and I are buddies, but I aim to keep the interview fair and unbiased. As long as your question pertains to librarianship and ALA issues, I promise to ask it.

I feel like this is a huge opportunity for those of us who feel a little out of place and/or overwhelmed when it comes to ALA elections and offices. I want this to be a real-talk platform for all ALA members, where we can find out who exactly is representing us and librarianship as a whole. Are there issues that you feel the ALA is ignoring? I vow to let your voice be heard.

And, hey, if any other ALA candidates want to be interviewed here, in the same manner, you know where to find me.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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