Upcoming Presentation on LGBTQ Lit!: Why I’ve been kinda quiet lately

I aim to post about once a week on here, but I’ve been busy with a presentation I’m pretty excited/terrified about. It’s for the Ontario Library Association, and it’s called “No Stereotypes Allowed: Building LGBTQ Collections for Kids and Teens“. Here, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in my years in the Rainbow List and as a Rainbow List/Stonewall Book Award enthusiast/wannabe. I hope to help you and your library build a better and more inclusive collection. Consider it a crash course in the best that LGBTQ literature has to offer.

There’s still time to register! Click here!

When it’s done, maybe I can blog more often. Maybe.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

(ETA 12/4/2014: The presentation has been moved to April 2nd, 2015. More time for me to make it extra awesome. Stay tuned!)

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming Presentation on LGBTQ Lit!: Why I’ve been kinda quiet lately

  1. I wish I could attend this! This is one of my passions, especially to have representation in the Children’s Department where I work. We have some great books in our Young Adult collection but really not in Children’s. We even have the Stonewall Awards stickers for the books and not really any to put them on over here! Will you be putting up any of what you talk about on here after you are finished?

  2. Did you do a follow-up post about this? Because I’d love to get a copy of your presentation and title examples. I received a single print-out with about 3 titles from one my guidance counselors, which I felt was a little under-valued for what she was trying to suggest. I want a book full of books!

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