That interview with JP Porcaro, ALA Presidential Candidate, I promised you

Ages ago, I asked you to send me questions that I could ask JP Porcaro, candidate for ALA President. Once I gathered them, JP trekked out to my sadly unhip end of Brooklyn and we taped these segments just for you. If you’re voting in the upcoming ALA election, or even if you’re not sure you want to vote, please take the time to watch these short clips. They’re uncensored and un-bullshitty and decidedly more real-talk-y than half the things I’ve heard from past candidates.

(I’m going to be straight up and say that being taped and having these videos up is a major nightmare for my insecure self. I’ve watched these once, and not very closely.)

A short introduction:

Let’s talk a little bit about #partyhard and your image:

On school librarians & unemployment:

What is your leadership style?

One of two questions from Todd Fishburn-Grooten:

The second:

What are libraries doing right? What are we doing wrong?

Are you a lizard person?

How can you make ALA more navigable for new members and others? 

Is your employer supportive of your candidacy?

Do you have enough experience to be ALA President?

Who are three librarians you admire?

And then there was a question on #teamharpy, which we recorded two “takes” of and planned to fix in “post-production” – but they just didn’t work out. JP supports #teamharpy and is the first (and, as of this writing, only) current ALA candidate to have talked about it at all. Correct me if I am wrong.

I am absolutely open to interviewing the other ALA Presidential candidates, for what it is worth. You know where to find me.

What questions would you have asked JP? Or the other candidates, for that matter?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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