Birds of Paradise OR Hey, I’m in a book!

Several years ago, I was heading onto the G train, going home from work at my old library in Northern Brooklyn. Suddenly, a woman approached me:

Her: Can I photograph you for a project I’m working on?

Me: …

Her: It’s paid!

Me: OK!

I showed up in her apartment about a week later, wearing the same old outfit she spotted me in, which included a pink and red faux fur jacket and my Delta Burke necklace.

Recently, the photographer, Lee O’Connor, contacted me to let me know that her project had turned into a book: Birds of ParadiseI barely recognize myself in that somewhat old portrait, but it was so cool to see my picture up in a gallery alongside many other similarly dressed women.

me and me

I’ve never been in a book before! Birds of Paradise is a beautiful, candy-colored collection of portraits of fashionable NYC women that Lee photographed between 2009-2014. It’s such an honor to be included.

To see the other photographs, click here!

To learn more about the book, click here!

I’M IN A BOOK! It’s a librarian’s dream come true!

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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