My glitter-heavy displays for GLBT Book Month, complete with images for you to steal

Did you know that June is GLBT Book Month? It’s true! And while I try and knock out LGBTQ displays all the time, I’m extra excited about the GLBTRT’s first GLBT Book Month. Everybody freak out!

While I do adore the official poster for GLBT Book Month (featuring the artwork from one of my favorite picture books, This Day in June, which I talk about in length here), I made my own ’cause mama’s on a budget. I used this for both the children’s and YA displays I made:

GLBT book monthWe have limited display space in the children’s room, so I made an ever-so-tiny display behind our reference desk:

Some of the books have left the display to go circulate, so I’m a happy camper.

My larger display ended up in the YA section, where I just have much more room to set stuff up. Here’s a simple book display:

Over by the YA ref desk, I had even more room to work with, so I created my own images to display on a corkboard. I also laminated the individual images and stuck them up in each YA computer terminal (I can’t promise that every teen will see the corkboard, but most of them use the computers at some point). I used images and quotes of famous LGBTQ folks and allies. I’m still new at creating images. I should have, perhaps, rethought my font choice (some of the commas look like periods. Ugh.). Some of the transparent edits on the images are my own, and that’s why they SUCK. Also, if the person in the picture is wearing a flower crown, it means I accidentally cut the top of their head off. Not cool.

If you want to use any/all these images in your displays, please do. If they go up on your blog, please credit me, your main girl Ingrid.

harvey milk lavernecox jazzjennings

nick jonas
Is this Nick Jonas? Is this another Jonas? DID I POST THE WRONG JONAS? How many Jonases are there? I actually don’t care.
janet mock
Here is where we learn I am not good at transparent-editing hair.
I don’t agree that *everyone* in hip-hop discriminates against gay people, but I also don’t argue with Kanye.

brittneygriner stephen fry scarlett johansson nicki minaj lady gaga kurtc jay-z hillary clinton frank ocean ernest gaines ellen paige beyonce

I apologize for the world’s worst picture of Beyonce. Don’t come for me, Beyhive.

These images went up together at the YA reference desk:

And in the individual computer cubbies:


If you’re looking for books to put up in your GLBT Book Month display, check out the Rainbow List, The Over the Rainbow List, the Stonewall Book Awards, and the Lambda Literary Awards.

Read more about GLBT Book Month here.

What are you preparing for GLBT Book Month?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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