Ingrid Henny Abrams is a school librarian, Speaker/Panelist for hire, and wearer of ridiculously cheerful clothing.


I have recently embarked on a brand new career track as a school librarian at an independent school in NYC. However, most of my librarianing has been spent as a public children’s librarian in NYC (2008-2015). Before that, I was a librarian at one of the United States’ last few private, subscription libraries. I am one of the American Library Association’s Emerging Leaders of 2012. I’m Director-at-Large of ALA’s GLBT Round Table and a proud former member of the Rainbow Book Project Committee (February 1, 2013, to January 31, 2015). Along with Natalie Binder, I am a co-creator of Libraries Changed My Life.

For several years, I was an admin of Librarian Wardrobe, created by Nicole Pagowsky.

And before all this? I did serious time as a:

  • Nanny
  • Childcare Worker (Professional Diaper Changer)
  • Mommy and Me instructor
  • Children’s Theatre Instructor/Director/Wrangler

People hire me to speak all the time! I’ve yapped my trap for the New Members Round Table of ALA, for New Jersey Library Association, Ontario Library Association, School Library Journal, Book Riot and others. Hey, I’d like to speak for your organization, too! Find me here.

Photo by the Amazing Sherri O’Connor

Want to know more? OK, stalker. You can read about me at SlateLibrarian Wardrobe, YA Librarian Tales, American Libraries Magazine, GLBT News, this piece on the importance of school libraries, Save NYC Libraries, Programming Librarian and Dressed Her Days Vintage

♥ Oh hey, it should be said that my opinions, while almost always on point, do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

♥ Though I am a children’s librarian, my blog may or may not be suitable for kids to read. Go read them a nice book, instead. Or wouldn’t a nice walk in the park be nice?

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  1. OK so I read some of your pages. You are a psychedelic Hipster librarian. . .or something. Anyway you’re a very hip. cool swingin gal from New York – of all places. Obscure little town floating round in the cosmos. Although of course here on planet Earth it’s quite well known – yes that is true. But hey – i only like to come down to reality for short bursts and as a tourist. Next time i am in New York i will send up a flare. I like your blog dudess and though I am not a librarian – i like the smell of old books!

    • This is the only time I’ve been called a hipster that I didn’t cry. Thanks for reading, Earthling!

      • Geeez I am glad that you didn’t cry. Y’know . . .a writer once told me (are your librarian antennae up?) that fashion is apendant (or should that be A pendant to?) essence. So here’s the thing . . .1) what is the essence of the hipster? 2) How come it’s a global phenomenon? (at least in the Western World) 3) Do they have Hipsters in Turkey? China? Iran? . . . .Uzbeckistan? I think they probably do. SHIVERS . . .i am going to do another Hipsters Post. You’re freaking me out. Good night bookish lady of the waters.

  2. I think Hipster is just another way to say “I hate young people” by using a mean little label. If I’m a hipster, so be it. I can handle it. I can make it work. ❤ I would love to meet Chinese hipsters. I'm sure they're rocking it. Take care!

  3. goldie says:

    What kind of education, degree, licensure, certifications do you have? I want to be a librarian, but I don’t have a degree. What do you recommend my next steps be?

    • I have a B.A. from a 4 year college and a Masters in Library Science. I also have a public librarian’s license. If you are interested in being a librarian, see who offers an MLS degree in your area. Talk to one of the professors. Also keep in mind that their aren’t many jobs right now. Consider whether or not this matters to you. Good luck!

  4. jorgemae says:

    I kind of can’t believe I did not know you had a blog until now. And, naturally, it is fantastic. Just like you. I’ll be up late reading! ❤ GM

  5. Elizabeth Puckett says:

    Just found your blog I am getting my MLIS degree as we speak and have ended up some how the kind of children’s/YA librarian at my branch. Thanks for the inspiration and being the Cool librarian.

  6. Lizzy says:

    Greetings! I’m Lizzy and I just started as the metadata and digital initiatives librarian at Wichita State. I found your blog thanks to the American Libraries Direct email. O. M. G you are amazing ^_^

    I particularly enjoy the post titled “Please Don’t Say This to a Librarian.” I have another one to add if you are interested: “Why would you need a masters degree to shush people and put books away?”….yep…got that one more than once….


  7. […] Harris (above) is a particularly good example of a librarian that is true to herself, and Ingrid Abrams (above, in the pink faux fur coat) has some wicked-cool style that is miles away from […]

  8. […] Ingrid Abrams is a children’s and teen librarian at Brooklyn Public Library in New York City. Natalie V. Binder is a systems librarian at the Jefferson County R.J. Bailar Public Library in Monticello, FL. The two have never met in person, yet they have teamed up virtually to create Libraries Changed My Life (LCML), a Tumblr initiative in direct response to Michael Rosenblum’s article “What’s a Library?”, which was published in the Huffington Post this past May. […]

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