I’ll Tumbl for Ya Tuesdays: Say hello to your friends, Baby-sitters Club

I told you I’ll Tumbl for Ya Tuesdays might come back! This is where I exhibit my love of Tumblr, the mecca of crappy Thinspo posts, mixed in with pictures of ombre hair and old school Courtney Love. Tumblr is a good place to cultivate your serial obsessions. Currently, I only want to talk about Baby-sitters Club. I like these fake-o Tumblr posts. They’re visually enticing, but overly, kind of mindless. Here’s some BSC nostalgia which is pretty much Ooooh on the Claudia Kishi tip.

Raise your hand if Claudia and the Sad Goodbye ruined your childhood.
Raise your hand if Claudia and the Sad Goodbye ruined your childhood.

Originally from here.

Did Mary Ann cut her own hair? Whaaa happened?
Did Mary Ann cut her own hair? Whaaa happened?

I appreciate Kristy more now that I’m grown. Kristy made shit happen. Kristy got shit done. It’s not her fault her clothes sucked.


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Two Unrelated Articles I Think You Should Read: Personal Branding AND Librarians Getting Stuff Done Post-Sandy

When Karen G. Schneider (or K.G. as I’ve known her on Twitter) said that she wanted to interview me for an article about librarians and personal branding, I was confused. While style is something I think about a lot, I’ve never considered personal branding in regards to what it can do for a librarian. I thought personal branding was something Kardashians or Sonja from Real Housewives did. You know, like sticking your name on a diet pill or a toaster oven to get more name recognition.

After talking to K.G. and reading her well-written article, I started ruminating on the idea of personal branding for people other than rich lady reality TV stars. Why do librarians need to consider personal branding? Is it different from building a good reputation or cultivating your image? Is this something that should be taught to librarians?

All my life, I’ve wanted to be an introvert who dressed in black and beige and liked it. Maybe adorned with a piece of jewelry I didn’t change up too often. Maybe a gold locket? Something tasteful and simple. I’m serious. This always seemed like the ideal librarian and worker to me. This kind of person appears stable and hardworking. Everyone wants to hire this person. I didn’t think someone like me could really get a job. I don’t know too much about personal branding, but what I do know is that I got much happier once I let my weirdo flag fly and stopped trying to be someone else. A happier Ingrid made a better librarian.

The pink hair and glitter shoes helped me get remembered at conferences, but being memorable only gets you so far. All these unicorn brooches and dinosaur earrings and heart-covered dresses can project MORON if you’re not careful. I want to make my mark, but not at the cost of seeming all hair/crazy clothes and no substance. As They Might Be Giants have sung, “Don’t want to be known as the freak who just comes around to catch your eye.”

Totally unrelated, my neighbors at Queens Public Library are being everything librarians should be. It’s not just librarians and NY-ers taking notice: They got Boing-Boinged! Read about all their great work here. Want to support all their great post-Sandy work? Have you thought about donating children’s books or cold hard cash to Urban Librarians Unite’s Book Drive? Why not? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?

This is how it’s done, folks.

What are your thoughts on personal branding? How about librarians helping out in times of crisis? Remember, I need you to comment. My self-esteem lies in your hands.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

I’ll Tumbl For Ya Tuesdays: Get Out of my Dreams, Get into my Bookmobile

Like one Buffy Summers, and many NY-ers and vampire slayers before me, I don’t drive. I took Driver’s Ed in high school and blame my inability to drive a car on the fact that the teacher played Rush Limbaugh during my lessons. You should all thank your lucky stars I’m not on the road; I’m a terrible driver. I’m high-strung as hell and I don’t belong in a car.

That said, Bookmobiles are really freaking cool. I like the idea of a movable library, there to reach patrons who can’t get to one for whatever reason. I, personally, would like you to drive me around in a mint-colored Winnebago filled with comic books and zines.

Tumblr is a dangerous place, with misquoted books (seriously, no one seems to know the difference between Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan) and Hot Topic-ed co-eds as far as the eye can see. You’re lucky you have me to guide you through that hot mess.

Topeka, Kansas got its first bookmobile in 1943.
Bookmobile in Haiti.

If you can manage the translation, you can find more about this bookmobile here.

1949 Bookmobile from Anderson, South Carolina.

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I’ll Tumbl For Ya Tuesdays: Pig and Pepper Edition

Alice is my co-pilot.

If you’re an Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland fan girl with any sense of respect, you have a favorite chapter. You also haven’t watched the Tim Burton version because, frankly, you’re just scared of how the movie’s inaccuracies will shock your delicate Lewis Carroll-loving sensibilities, but that’s neither here nor there. My favorite chapter is called Pig and Pepper, which is sadly absent from the Disney version (though you can see what that scene would have looked like in newer releases of the DVD) (Yes, I realize that liking the Disney rendition and fearing the Johnny Depp one makes no sense. Like I care). Like so many weird girls before me, I understand Alice. I often feel like I’m wandering in a world full of inept people in authoritative positions. I can try and speak their language, but my stabs at rationality tend to end in failure.

I feel like this sense of being a weirdo in a weird land is the most palpable in the Pig and Pepper chapter. Alice has come upon the Duchess and the Cook, who are terrifying, rude and boisterous. There’s tons of pepper floating in the air, not to mention pans and plates flying in every direction. In the midst of the madness, the Duchess is nursing a bawling baby. Alice, fearing for the baby’s well-being, snags the baby and high-tails it out of there, only for the baby to turn into a pig and run away.

Sometimes I’ll go to great lengths to do what I think is right, only for it to be all for nothing. I’ll take a great risk and find that the end product evaporates before my very eyes. Alice doesn’t feel sorry for herself too long. Like Pete the Cat, Alice doesn’t cry. Goodness no! She just keeps on keeping on. Moving forward because there’s no other choice. Someday, when I’m grown-up, I will be as brave and unwavering as Alice.

Let’s delve into the slow-loading world of Tumblr and see what we find.

`You don’t know much,’ said the Duchess; `and that’s a fact.’


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I’ll Tumbl for Ya Tuesdays: From Girls to Grrrlz

I love browsing in the Arts and Music section of my library. I don’t do it often, only on Saturdays where I have to work. I’m a cranky Saturday worker and farting around in A+M usually lifts my spirits. I never go up there with a specific kind of book in mind, but I always end up back in the Youth Wing with several titles under my arm.

Recently, I discovered From Girls to Grrlz: A History of [Female] Comics from Teens to Zines. It’s a pretty comprehensive look at women’s and girls’ comics that were made in 1941 all the way up to the 1990s. Did you know that Stan Lee (whom I mostly associate with Spider-Man) also created women’s comics in his earlier days? You did? Well, look at you. I didn’t know that.

This is a perfect book for reading on the reference desk, where you constantly have to put down your reading to help those pesky patrons (I kid. I love the patrons). It’s so visually stimulating and fascinating. Even if you know lots about the history of comics (which I don’t), I bet you’d find a good portion of new information.

Anyway, let’s once again venture into the world of re-blogged half-naked co-eds in Hot Topic clothing that is Tumblr to track down something a lot better. All of the following pictures link to their sources:

As a kiddo, I loved the Archie series, but when I could track down Katy Keene, Betty and Veronica could take a hike. She was a movie star and super glamorous.
Katy Keene, drawn by Bill Woggon, got her own comic book in 1949. “In those pre-computer days, Katy Keene comics were as close as one could get to an interactive comic book. Woggon cheerfully credited fans’ designs for Katy’s poses…” p. 15
“Bill Woggon drew her (Katy Keene) in a different style from the other comics in the Archie line, bestowing her with enormous eyes framed by thick, long lashes. Katy’s comic books included puzzles, games, coloring pages, and even rebuses, along with short, simple, pleasant stories. But what endeared Katy to her many fans–and there *was* an active Katy Keene fan club–were the paper dolls in each issue.” p. 15

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I’ll Tumbl For Ya Tuesdays: Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black Edition

Welcome to the first I’ll Tumbl for Ya Tuesday in a long time. I feel your disapproval. Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale was a recommendation from the Seattle Public Library. So far it has been my least favorite of the five suggestions, but it had some great imagery thus making it perfect for this kind of post. I’m glad I read it. Though it wasn’t my total cup of tea, I can absolutely see myself suggesting this title to teens.

“Cigarette kiss,” her mother said in that goofy way that was embarrassing and sweet at the same time, touching the tip of her cigarette to the red tip of Kaye’s and breathing in deeply. Two sucks of smoke and it flared to life. (p. 4).


Her eyes fell on the horse, and she forgot all the rest. He was magnificent, gleaming pearl white and covered with tiny pieces of glued down mirror. His face was painted with red and purple and gold, and he even had a bar of white teeth and a painted pink tongue with enough space to tuck a sugar cube. (pps. 12-13).


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I’ll Tumbl for Ya Tuesdays: Vintage Veronica by Erica S. Perl


One of my 5000 bosses, whom I love dearly, found a copy of Vintage Veronica on our shelves and immediately thought it would be a good fit for me. She was right. A rad, fat, body positive protagonist who loves vintage clothes and works in a consignment shop? Sign me up.

The book is full of great clothes, donuts, and lizards. So, off I go into the Tumblr-sphere, picking up little pieces of Vintage Veronica-inspired joy.

“I’m that fat girl. You know, the one who dresses funny. The one who wears those ridiculous poufy skirts from the fifties that look like she hacked off the top of an old prom dress (because actually I did).” p. 1


“Veronicaaaa! Come get me! It’s soooo hot outside…The donuts chime in….Don’t forget about us! They’re those chocolate glazed ones, I can tell.” p. 7


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