All My Valentine’s Day Posts in One Convenient Place


I’m here for your Valentine’s Day programming and display needs, whether they are of the “Love is Great” or of the “Love Sucks” variety.

♥ Remember when I put Amanda Lepore in a YA display? Here’s LGBTQ titles you’ll love.



♥ Several posts on preparing for and throwing an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. Playlist included! Click here, here, and here.


And last, ideas for throwing a toddler valentine’s dance.


~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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Come see me (and many rad non-nobodies) at Book Riot Live!

I am here to let you know two things:

One, I have NOT fallen down a well nor am I trapped under something heavy. I know it seems like this may have happened to me as I haven’t blogged in forever. My new job is wonderful yet exhausting! Stay tuned and I’ll tell you how I’m pretending that I know what I’m doing as a brand new school librarian! Mostly I’m just really tired!

Two, I’ll be on a panel at Book Riot Live! 2015-10-15 18-05-03Laurie Halse Anderson?!?!? Everybody freak out!


I don’t know how I got this lucky. Plus, I get to be on the panel with Shelley Diaz, who I know IRL and I think is the jam.

So, join us for our panel titled Banned: Challenges, Censorship, and Trigger Warnings, on November 7th at 3 PM.

So many rad people will be speaking at Book Riot Live, not just weird old school librarians that nobody has heard of! You can see Jason Reynolds, Margaret Atwood, Daniel José Older, and so many more.

Sign up today! Sign up all your friends! Come say hi to me so I don’t feel like a loser!

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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P.S. Hey, while you’re here, read about the webcast I did with School Library Journal regarding the “Teen Transgender Experience”. Tell ’em Large Ingrid sent ya!