Ain’t Nothing But a Link Round-Up

I used to do Things I Love Thursdays, but sadly do not have my crap together enough to do a weekly link round-up. It was feeling a little forced and way too rah-rah happy librarian for my taste, so I dropped it (along with I’ll Tumbl For Ya Tuesdays, which hey, might come back. And for some reason my Little Red Riding Hood post is one of my most popular ever).

That’s neither here nor there. There’s been a couple of things really pressing on my old dumb brain, and I wanted an informal way to bring them up, so here goes:

I talk about Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) all the time, as I’m very passionate about the work we do. Well, lo and behold, we have a new partner in crime now, Rural Librarians Unite (RULU). RULU is fairly new, but they’re doing tremendous work already.

The trustees of the Athenaeum library in St. Johnsbury were threatening to eliminate all library staff positions (Seriously, guys? What, what, what are you thinking?). RULU was not having this at all, hunties, and quickly organized:

So, they’re a lot like ULU, but they do what they do in way colder temperatures. Kick ass, RULU. I’m glad you’re here.

Closing libraries in Brooklyn? Oh, I know this song. I HATE THIS SONG. Girl, hold my earrings:

The Brooklyn Public Library is considering closing some lesser-user branches and other options to help to pay for upgrades throughout the system…The library’s strategic plan also calls for possibly closing library branch buildings that are run down, far from commercial strips or difficult to reach.

I hate my life.

I wanted to share this post by Miss JulieIt’s all I talk about. She addresses the gimmickyness of librarianship, and also some of the male “rockstar” (barf) hero worship we witness all the time.


Miss Julie, you’re making me feel so many feels! Don’t you just hate it when another blogger explains your deepest fears and concerns way better than you ever could? I have a bit to say on this subject, but I already commented all over her post. Here’s some snippets that really spoke to me:

In a profession that’s supposedly dominated by women, I find it sad that the librarians who get the most attention are mostly men (and, admittedly, some women), men who very rarely write about honest, simple, day to day issues in librarianship…These men spin elaborate fantasies about librarians being information rockstars who dress to impress (either flashily or with an eye to ironic hipsterism), dismiss librarians who still use books to connect with patrons as hopelessly backwards, and come up with gimmick after gimmick to get libraries “noticed” without ever once writing about a concrete, applicable thing that they have actually done. Show me how libraries and librarians are amazing, don’t just tell me and expect me to be convinced.

Stop reading my diary, Julie!

On a very exciting and non-librariany note (because all libraries and no play make Ingrid something something), Marlena from Self Constructed Freak is opening a shop on January 21st!



Ugh. I better hold onto my wallet.

take my money gif

So, librarians and otherwise, what’s been on your mind lately?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid


TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday: Staycation Ingrid Edition

Just sitting around in the middle of the day in my underboos, drinking iced coffee and talking to a cat about Downton Abbey like it ain’t no thang. Here’s a smorgasbord, a smattering, a mixed confetti. Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.

♥ My friend posted this on my Facebook wall, saying that it reminded him of me. I have nothing to do but take it as a compliment:

♥ It’s not like I’m obsessed with cats or anything or think they’re better than people. Ooh! Look at these leggings from Glitters for Dinner!

Yes. Come to Ingrid.

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TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

I enjoy pictures and lists because I have a very short attention span. 

♥ Ingrids roam wild and free during fall! I love fall! Stupid hot sweaty summer making my hair all dumb and unmanageable. Stupid humidity! Stupid sauna-like office. I’m ready for autumn. So, it’s still 80 something degrees, but I don’t care. It’s time for:

Don’t you dare judge me! Pumpkin pie soda is amazing. When I can find it, I freak out. So good.
Haus of Gloi’s Pumpkin Eater Perfume: Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter.
It’s almost time for Halloween. EEE! Best holiday ever.

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TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

It’s Things I Love Thursday, where I mess around and tell you about stuff  I am momentarily digging but will probably forget by next week. I have the memory of a goldfish! Get into it!

♥ I already mentioned that I was participating in Well and Cheaply‘s Comment Love Challenge.  It has turned me into a little old blog-reading machine. So far, I’ve really enjoyed Kitty Cat Stevens, The Militant Baker, and My Dear Watson. I haven’t gotten to them all yet, but I’m trying!

♥ Librarians and library lovers! Have you heard about EveryLibrary yet? I’m super excited to see library budget advocacy in action. Don’t you think your local public and school libraries need adequate funding? EveryLibrary is still looking for donations, so get on it.

♥ My new Facebook eye candy obsession is The Macabre and Beautifully Grotesque. I like to sit in front of these pictures at the end of the day and just stare at them, kinda slack-jawed with a little bit of drool coming out of my mouth. #iamweird

Geode: Druse Skulls 
All content copyright © Skullis
Pitcairns curse © Norrit
© Laurie Lipton
© Liran Szeiman (Liransz)
© Copyright by Charlie Immer

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TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday: I’m actually bopping around on planes to ALA Annual right now

Alternate title: Fear of Flying, not by Erica Jong, but by me.

Do I love Thursdays? I’m not sure. Right now, I’m not actually writing this. I’m full of LIES, readers. I’m really zipping off to Anaheim for ALA Annual (I wrote this ahead of time, through the magic of technology and shizz). I’m not a super great traveler. I’m usually next to someone who enjoys shoving their elbows into my ribcage or talking the whole time or has a kid that sits partially on my lap. We’ll see how I do.

I don’t have a fear of flying, really. I fear being stuck with people who have no concept of personal space. At least on NYC’s subways, unless the person’s totally batty, there’s a general understanding that people want to be left alone. I dislike leaving NYC. Bad things happen when a half-Jewish pink-haired girl like me leaves the city.

But that’s no reason for you not to love Thursday and love things in general. See how I turned this all around to be happy and stuff? Bet you didn’t see that coming. I bet you’ve never read a blog this well-written before.

♥ I found this vintage postcard book of Disneyland. I have no idea if I’ll be able to make it to Disneyland at ALA (I’m kind of a stress machine and I’ve convinced myself that nothing will get done and I won’t have any fun), but if I do, I hope it’s just like this and I get to buy mouse ears and rock them like Gala Darling:

I hope I make it to see you, even though my father raised me to hate Disney.

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TiLT it Already!: Things I Love Thursday: Every Day is Save NYC Libraries Day and Other Information Necessary for Your General Well-Being

Let us offer a blood sacrifice of an impaled O’Reilly Factor for Kids to St. Jerome, the patron saint of libraries, in hopes that he will grant us a full restoration of library funding. In Nancy Pearl’s name, Amen.

NYC libraries are in a boat-load of trouble. We’re looking at mass-layoffs, library closures, no funds for books and other materials, and reduced hours. Boo! Not cool. NY-ers need their libraries and I need my job. Obviously, I don’t love any of this. BUT, I love that we are not helpless. We will not be shushed! You can do something RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND TO HELP. I ENJOY WRITING IN ALL CAPS SOMETIMES:

  • You can sign a bunch of petitions for Brooklyn Public Library (NYC residents only), Queens Public Library (Any U.S. State), and New York Public Library (anyone in the whole world can sign, so that means you!). I signed them all and it took no time at all. After you sign, share your good deed with Facebook and Twitter. You’ll help spread the word and all your friends will marvel at how hot and smart and kind you are.
  • If you’re feeling generous, you can donate a couple of bucks to BPL, Queens Public, or NYPL. Any amount helps.
  • Buy a sexy-ass Brooklyn Public Library T-shirt from Brooklyn Industries. 20 percent of the proceeds go to BPL. Plus, you’ll get way more tail if people think you’re smart. A library shirt will help. I promise:

    You needed to replace your She Blinded Me with Library Science shirt anyway, you big nerd.
  • Come to Urban Librarian Unite’s 24 Hour Read-In! I’m super psyched. Get into it. I’m staying up the full 24 hours because I love libraries and I’m insane. See you on June 9th-10th.

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TiLT it Already!: Things I Love Thursday

Like winter, ALA is coming. Are you excited/petrified? I know I am quaking in my stylish yet sensible boots. Non-librarians probably don’t know what ALA is (unless you’re lucky enough to have a library-obsessed family member/significant other), but maybe it’s all better this way.

My name is Ingrid, and here’s some stuff that I love:

♥ Did you see the SNL 50 Shades of Grey skit? If not, here it is. Have you read it yet? I’m like 3,401st in line on the 30 million person hold list. I’ll get it next year and only last about 20 pages before I give it up for something post-apocalyptic. If the title 50 Shades of Grey didn’t let you know this isn’t safe for work, I’m telling you now, boo-boo.

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