Contact: Say it to my face

I’m waiting to talk to you.

I’m available for guest blog posts, panel/speaking engagements, presentations and interviews. I even answer strangers’ reference questions from time to time. Let’s talk.

Not sure if I’m the right speaker/writer for you? Read more about me at SlateLibrarian Wardrobe, American Libraries Magazine, GLBT NewsProgramming Librarian, in this piece on the importance of school libraries, The Active Voice and Dressed Her Days Vintage

Hey, other librarians, chances are, I’m happy to write for you for free. Companies/corporations/the man? I’ll write for a fee or a donation to a literacy/education-based charity. I’m a busy woman. You understand.


Twitter: MagpieLibrarian

Facebook: The Magpie Librarian

~Love, Libraries, Let’s Keep in Touch

6 thoughts on “Contact: Say it to my face

  1. Lynne Shapiro

    You could make your Sandy wish list an wedding registry. People could buy used editions and have them sent right to you.

    1. I assume you’re talking about the Sandy Wishlist? We specifically decided against Amazon for a number of reasons. Powell’s has used options, if that helps. Anyway, if *you* prefer to order from Amazon, please do! You should purchase from wherever makes you feel most comfortable. Thanks!

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  3. Cat Jenkins

    “This is what a librarian looks like?” She looks like the kind of person it’d be fun to go out with on a Saturday night. Lots of personality. 😉

  4. Hi Ingrid
    It’s been quite awhile and I can’t believe I tracked you down. You look fantastic and I hope all is well! We are celebrating 15 years of Baby Moves and Perry School on April 8th in the West Village. Considering you were one
    of the first teachers at Baby Moves back on Washington Place and my daughter Maya’s
    first real friend, I thought it was time to find you and ask if you would join us in celebration. We are calling back all the teachers and families over the years and inviting them to the event.
    Please let me know if you will attend and I know Maya would love to see you as well!
    I look forward to hearing from you! Dawn

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