All My Valentine’s Day Posts in One Convenient Place


I’m here for your Valentine’s Day programming and display needs, whether they are of the “Love is Great” or of the “Love Sucks” variety.

♥ Remember when I put Amanda Lepore in a YA display? Here’s LGBTQ titles you’ll love.



♥ Several posts on preparing for and throwing an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. Playlist included! Click here, here, and here.


And last, ideas for throwing a toddler valentine’s dance.


~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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There’s Still Time to Steal My Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

This is the playlist that I used at my Anti-Valentine’s Day partyI had some help from the ALA Think Tank peeps (thank you all!).

So, yeah, this is Brooklyn. You might imagine that the R+B-ish and danceable songs did a lot better than the rock-y songs. I’m going to include the rock-y songs in case that fits the preference of your teens and, at the very list, maybe just seeing some of these song titles will give you some ideas about what you’d like to include on your list. I burned a CD of these songs, but you could just as easily make a Spotify list or hook your i-Pod up to some speakers (I’m too scared that my stuff will get stolen or the Wi-Fi will fart out).

Just a heads up, some of these songs have curses in them. If this is a problem at your teen parties, give the songs a good listen before you include them in your playlist, OK girl?

Here it is:

rude conversation hearts

You have no choice. You have to include this. This is not an option. It’s a good song to put first while you’re waiting for people to show up. Bonus points if you can use the Adam Sandler version instead:

sad emoticon

This song is AWFUL. It’s so bad. But it’s dance-y and mockable:

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The Anti-Valentine’s Day Party: Where I admit that I am not the Teen Whisperer

I have been preparing for my Anti-Valentine’s Day Party for Teens for a while. I made rude conversation heart decorations. I put together a anti-love songs mix (which I’ll post in a future entry in case you want to steal it). I prepared a black duct tape rose craft (I got black duct tape from the craft store and used this tutorial):

If I were to do these again, I'd use black Sharpie markers on the white edges of the flower. It's looks a bit ratchet without.
If I were to do these again, I’d use black Sharpie markers on the white edges of the flower. It looks a bit ratchet without.

I included some easier crafts like writing rude things on heart doilies and romance novel cover parodies:

I won't include what the teens actually wrote on these things as it's totes NSFW.
I won’t include what the teens actually wrote on these things as it’s totes NSFW.

romance novel parodies

And we had lots of snacks that would give you nasty breath:

Nothing makes your breath more nasty than Doritos. #fact
Nothing makes your breath more funky than Doritos. #fact

anti-valentine's snacksThe teens had nearly no interest in doing the crafts (some of them wrote on the doilies, the rest made animal shapes out of pipe cleaners). They mostly danced to the mix I made, tried to make out with each other while I wasn’t looking (not very anti-Valentine’s U GUISE), and ate all the food. Seriously. I forgot how much teens eat. So, while things didn’t go quite how I planned, I had a really good time.

teen attack

Mr. Edwin hates when I put my feet on the table, but he was on vacay. Don’t worry about those teens making cuddles in the background. I properly shamed them when I was done making this dumb face.

I know for next time, less crafts. More chips. You can see more pictures on their fashion Tumblr (follow them?).

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

The YA Librarians Are Just Not That Into You: Getting Ready for our Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

The Anti-Valentine’s Day party seems to be a staple of Young Adult/Teen librarians, but this is my first ever. I’m still in the planning phase, but so far I’ve decided on including:

Right now, I’m putting up glittery angsty conversation hearts to hopefully get teens interested in showing up to the event. These are now hanging around the YA desk:

don't call me heart

meh heart

no thanks heart

go away

I effed up the lettering on this one, but I think the sentiment is clear:

anti-valentine's day heart

Have you ever held an Anti-Valentine’s Day party? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

~(Anti)Love and Libraries, Ingrid