TiLT it Already!

In which I gush over booky and library-ish and fashiony things and it’s Thursday.

  • A fifth grade girl came into wanting to do a report on an animal. OK. “I need a book on a pudu.” HUH? I tried to convince her to pick another animal, as we had no pudu-related books in the entire system. But then I saw a picture of it and immediately decided to opt for online databases. How could I refuse this face?
    As soon as I saw this, we both starting making squeaky baby coos.


  • Agent Lover‘s post on great, big old 90s hair. Check out the Julia Roberts In a Suit photo for extra joy/horror.
  • These shoes would make me extra popular during story-time:
Oh, hello there


  • Born Librarian‘s post about being selected for the Newbery Committee. Congrats!
  • #Libchat on Twitter, every Wednesday from 8:00-9:30 EST. Meet other librarians, network, and talk about library issues right in the comfort of your own jam-jams. Hack Library School has a great post about how #libchat works. I hope to see you there.
  • Melissa from Mel’s Desk has a really rad and easy kaleidoscope craft idea. I think I could totally swing this:


OK, Kiddos! Check you soon. Get through the rest of this week in one piece, OK? Stay strong, librarians!

~Love, Libraries, and things I Love

The February Freedom Style Fest and Photo Contest

Not so long ago, Crystal Hammon, from Dressed Her Days Vintage, crowned me America’s Style Savvy Librarian. This was all part of her amazingly popular America’s Most Glamourous Librarian contest, which got submissions from all kinds of fine-looking librarians from all over the country. Here’s the picture that got me that second place slot:

This is the only face I know how to make

Now, Crystal has a new and totally exciting endeavor: the Februrary Freedom Style Fest and Photo Contest, and it’s not just for librarians! It’s for all kinds of vintage and thrifted-minded fashionistas who think (a little or a lot) outside the box.

Says Crystal:

“What would happen if you loosened up and had more fun with your clothes? Or maybe you’re already a pro at styling yourself. Either way, I like the idea of being liberated from an inner style critic. That’s why I’m sponsoring the Freedom Style Fest, a photo contest featuring the imaginative styling of Dressed Her Days Vintage readers. From now through the end of February, I’m inviting you to snap a photo of yourself wearing something that’s cleverly styled, but definitely outside the box of conformity. Vintage or thrifted outfits only, please.” 

Here’s an example on her site, but feel free to do whatever strikes your fancy:


The winner gets a copy of The Gospel According to Coco: Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman plus a $50 gift card.

Oh yeah, and guess who’s co-judging? This chick!

I really amuse myself too much

So, if you’re not a total thrifting addict like I am, I know you know someone who is. Wouldn’t they like a little recognition for their bold fashion choices? Share this with them.

All details can be found here.

Alright! Get on it, fierce chicas and gentlemen! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

~Love, Libraries, and Liberation, Ingrid