Announcing: Libraries Changed My Life, a simple project with big hopes

I feel like I’ve been discussing yesterday’s post for a thousand days. I’ve had so many great debates with Mr. Rosenblum and infinite wonderful, thought provoking discussions with librarians on Facebook and Twitter. It’s jumbled my brain and upset me and enraged me, but it’s also motivated me to do better for libraries and library patrons. Library advocacy is exhausting, especially when people like Mr. Rosenblum, who’ve never really visited a library, get to speak out and be heard. My patrons, however, are typically not the Rosenblums of the world. The Huffington Post isn’t knocking down their doors to hear their insights about the library world. Not all of them have internet access or computers (contrary to what Mr. Rosenblum believes). Their voices aren’t heard nearly as much as they should be.

One of the Twitter librarians that I’ve been having awesome conversations with is Natalie Binder. I know her as the host of #libchat on Twitter, so I already think she’s pretty great. Anyway, she mentioned that Planned Parenthood had a Tumblr called Planned Parenthood Saved Me. Natalie suggested that we start a Tumblr that simply compiled personal stories about how libraries have positively impacted people’s lives. We set up a Tumblr lickety split and it’s up and functional and wow! It’s called Libraries Changed My Life and it’s already received many great submissions.

Here’s what we’re looking for: Submissions from real life library patrons talking about positive interactions with libraries, librarians, and library workers. It could be as simple as “A librarian found me my favorite book” or something more life-changing like “The library helped me find a job”. Librarians are welcome to submit to Libraries Changed My Life, but we’re more interested in giving non-librarian patrons a voice.

Please come on over to our new site. It’s brand new, but I think it has a lot of potential. Pass it on to your friends.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

TiLT it Already!

In which I gush over booky and library-ish and fashiony things and it’s Thursday.

  • A fifth grade girl came into wanting to do a report on an animal. OK. “I need a book on a pudu.” HUH? I tried to convince her to pick another animal, as we had no pudu-related books in the entire system. But then I saw a picture of it and immediately decided to opt for online databases. How could I refuse this face?
    As soon as I saw this, we both starting making squeaky baby coos.


  • Agent Lover‘s post on great, big old 90s hair. Check out the Julia Roberts In a Suit photo for extra joy/horror.
  • These shoes would make me extra popular during story-time:
Oh, hello there


  • Born Librarian‘s post about being selected for the Newbery Committee. Congrats!
  • #Libchat on Twitter, every Wednesday from 8:00-9:30 EST. Meet other librarians, network, and talk about library issues right in the comfort of your own jam-jams. Hack Library School has a great post about how #libchat works. I hope to see you there.
  • Melissa from Mel’s Desk has a really rad and easy kaleidoscope craft idea. I think I could totally swing this:


OK, Kiddos! Check you soon. Get through the rest of this week in one piece, OK? Stay strong, librarians!

~Love, Libraries, and things I Love